Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Night Before Christmas

I went to the store to buy more ingredients for the food that I will be cooking for our Christmas meal tomorrow. When I came home, my son told me that Mrs. Lopez came and dropped off a tray of cookies and a Christmas story book. Mrs. Lopez is my church family, my spiritual mentor and she is like my mom here in US. She knows that we celebrate Christmas differently in the Philippines and we don't  make cookies or read Christmas book at night before Christmas. She told my son that the cookies should be eaten tonight when my hubby reads the story book.

cookies in a colored wrapper

looks so yummy

several kinds of cookies with candy canes
I have not heard or read this book before. I will be listening when hubby reads it tonight. This year is a different Christmas experience for us. We have been here in the US for three years now and the first two years our mom-in-law lived with us. We celebrated Christmas with her, but we didn't make cookies or read a story book either. The kids usually just go to bed at night and open their gifts Christmas morning. Still, we had a great time as family, but this year, it will be just me, hubby and the kids. We will be seeing my mom-in-law though next month and spend some time with her.

The Night Before Christmas story book

I remembered what we did in the Philippines the night before Christmas. When my parents were still alive, we usually wake up 11:30 in the evening of December 24 to have a 20 minutes devotional. We sang hymns, read Bible verses and pray. When we were done with the devotional, we ate our midnight food or snack. We call it  Noche Buena(Christmas Eve) food. Then, by midnight we went out to watch the fireworks. Philippines is pretty heavy with fireworks during Christmas and more during New Year.

In whatever way we celebrate our  night before Christmas, one thing is sure... it is a nice family tradition where family is complete, having snack, cookies or hot chocolate and just thinking of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A time as family to Praise and thank God for sending His Son on earth. His Son who died and paid the penalty of our sins so we could be reconciled to God and be forgiven of our sins. Trust and Believed is all we can do to get right with Him.

How about you? What are you planning to do tonight, the night before Christmas?


  1. Ate I craved for thi cookies.. it looks so YUMYUMYUM.. :D

    ~ Sheen <3

  2. Those cookies and candies would definitely make kids happy during Christmas.

  3. What a yummy treat - we had lots of food though I spent most of my times in our theater room singing my heart out haha! I didn't want to eat at midnight but we enjoyed pdn ng sobra hehe those treats are soo yummy!

  4. wow...that a good treats, such a sweet teacher too.

  5. Awww such a nice person sis, I used to have an aunt-in-law here that treated me like her daughter but unfortunately she died a couple of days ago. I miss her so much. Lucky you!

  6. I've read so many books and watched tons of American movies (or movies in general for that matter)--and I mean a lot--but I haven't come across this Christmas tradition of cookies and reading a storybook except for leaving cookies supposedly for Santa and reading the book Christmas Carol or T'was the Night Before Christmas--I didn't realize they actually read it before Christmas hahaha.

    But I like our (Philippine) Christmas tradition too--noche buena! Maybe it's something ou can introduce there :)


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