Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cookies For Cops, Cookies Baked With Love

wrapped and ready to go

During Christmas month, our church Faith Baptist in Port Washington, Wisconsin bake cookies for the jail guards of Ozaukee Justice Center. This is our way of showing  gratitude for their service and our way of wishing them a Merry Christmas.  My Pastor is the Chaplain and one of the steering committees that trains Chaplains in there. We called the event Cookies For Cops, but since it is out of love that we are doing what we are doing so I added Cookies Baked With Love. 

The church has been doing it for almost five years, but this is my first time participating in this event. Although  I didn't know how to bake cookies and since I really wanted to be part of it, I taught myself how to bake cookies. I searched recipes online, tips of how to bake and even asked my husband and church friends. In the Philippines, the country where I came from, baking is not the usual way of  how we prepare our meals. The first cookies I baked wasn't so bad and my kids liked it. The second time I baked, I took it to the church so we can wrap it and send it to Ozaukee Justice center. 

these are the cookies I baked, dark chocolate chips cookies

The ladies in the church did a really good job, they baked several kinds of cookies. I tasted some of them and it was very yummy. 

baked by one of the ladies

very creative, I will try to make some of these someday

the busy ladies of Faith Baptist

this is how it looks like without the wrapper

According to Pastor Colson, the cookies didn't last for a day. The Jail Guards at Ozaukee Justice Center loved it and they were all looking forward to the next years Cookies For Cops.

our church Pastor 

Next year, I will definitely join the baking team again  and I am hoping that by then I can bake different kinds of delicious cookies with colorful designs on it. To God be the glory for the opportunity to reach out in the community and to serve others. 


  1. Awww such a sweet gesture from you guys. Buti ka pa sis, active sa community activities, ako sa school lang ako nagbovolunteer.

  2. Look good hun glad you saved me some.

  3. The cookies looks really tasty. I'm sure they would be happy with all those cookies.

  4. Those cookies really seemed so yummy! So sweet that with all that participation to work on this.

  5. Those are yummy looking cookies. It's really great when a community congregates and help each other out for the benefit of everyone. Have a blessed Christmas and a peaceful 2014!

  6. your so lucky you are a very active parishioner, i don't i don't know but it's very nice you guys are doing it to make everyone happy

  7. What a great idea! That is such a great way to show appreciation for the important work that law enforcement does!


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