Monday, December 30, 2013

I Received My CoverPlug

This product is the third item I won from a  blog's give away. Yay!! It came in the mail two days ago and I was surprised how fast they shipped it. It's perfect for my plugs since I have kids that are curious and loves to experiment including plugging chargers for gadgets. I also have a baby that one day will start walking and reaching stuffs. This product  will cover the plugs and keep it away from kids reach.  

The product fits perfectly and look how old and dirty our power plug is

Viola!!! it's gone

I received two Coverplugs and I tried one right away. It makes my plug looks clean and as if it is not there. The other one I put it on my plug near the kitchen counter. Thanks CoverPlug for the free gift!!!


  1. This is a lot safer especially if there are kids around.

  2. isn't that wonderful, i have both mine used too, safe for kids now.

  3. Keep entering sis, you are pretty lucky with giveaways unlike me hehehe..

  4. i'm glad you win it, totally the best way to keep kids from being so curious.

  5. This can also protect sockets from water spilling onto them.

  6. Those are very important especially if you have young kids around. The house should really be safe to prevent accidents

  7. We used to have cover to every plug we have at home when the kids were younger.


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