Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Look Who Turns 6 Months Old Today!!

It's my baby, my youngest son, Spring roll 3. I thank God for my son's good health and he is growing into a happy and bubbly baby. We just can't get enough of him. He loves to laugh, play, eat and sleep. He is an expert in rolling over on his tummy like a gymnast doing a back thumbing. Seriously, he can roll over and over and over. So, I always find him anywhere on the floor.  He is a precious gift that makes all of us thankful.

happy baby

he is a gymnast, how come I can't do this??

he got one of his socks and now sucking on it

just smiling for you

what again mom??

I see, that's funny mom


  1. Such a cute little man he reminds me of his Dad, except for his nose, I think he has his Moms nose. So cute!!

  2. He is stinking cute and I love his smiles!

  3. hi zeth cute baby.

  4. He looks so cute. Happy 6 months.

  5. Precious! So cute, missing my baby boy when he was that age. Now, my baby is 21 months. :( If only I could freeze the time.

  6. ohh my goodness!! soo cute! I miss too when my leo was little man it's been years now. love them chunky lil legs too lol

  7. very handsome little baby, love those chunky cheeks and thighs!

  8. I remember those moments when my kids would suck on their toes lol, so cute!


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