Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Son Has Rosy Cheeks

My 6 months old baby  has pink cheeks. I started noticing it late fall and early winter. Even when we haven't been outside his cheeks still look pink.  I also noticed that it comes and goes and it's pinker when he is sleeping or just got up from a nap. Sometimes, it looks dry so I apply my aloe lotion on it and it helps moisturize it.

He does not seem bothered about it though, I  know that sometimes lighter complexion can make baby's skin looks pinkish. I read that when a baby starts teething they will have pink cheeks too, due to fever. He doesn't have fever and he has been showing signs of teething in the last 3 months. It could be a lot of reasons why he has pink cheeks. A lot of my friends think that his pink cheeks make him  look cuter.

 I heard of this skin condition on babies called  Slap Cheeks Syndrome. Slap cheek is the appearance of a distinctive bright red rash on the cheeks and that's how it got its name. It is caused by a Parvovirus B19 that is airborne. Another reason for pink cheeks is Rosacea, a redness in the face, nose or forehead and usually runs in the family. It could be nothing and that he is just a healthy baby with pink cheeks.


  1. Ang cute.cute.. :-) grabe ate sobrang pink na talaga yan.. Hahaha, nainngit ako bigla sa cheek ni Seth.. <3

  2. I miss those stage na pink pa ang cheeks ng babies, nagyon namumula na lang pisngi ng mga anak ko pag kinukurot ko hahaha.. Kidding.

  3. oh this syndrome, i've never heard such thing, but thanks for sharing, i always thought that kids who have rosy cheeks are just warm enough.

  4. My nephew gets rosy cheeks like this, has since birth, now that he is almost 5 he doesn't seem to get it as deep or as often. Looks adorable though!

  5. Sarap papakinn ng halik ang chubby cheeks na yan!


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