Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Christmas Meals

We had  delicious meals during Christmas and some of the foods we had were Filipino dishes and there were also Western food.  I remembered back in the Philippines, during Christmas and New year my mom always cooks her favorite recipe and the family's favorite recipe too, it's called Chicken Hawaii. So, I decided to pass on the tradition to my family and hoping my kids will pass it on to their own kids. I cooked Chicken Hawaii and they loved it. Cooking it takes a lot of patience because I had to cook it in medium heat for four hours. But its worth the waiting because it was a great food to have on your table.

Chicken Hawaii with pineapples

I also shared our foods to my Filipina friend's family and they also shared theirs. Her husband made this yummy food called Monkey Bread. My family loved it because of the cinnamon taste of sweetness. He gave me the recipe and I will try to make this some other time.

Monkey Bread

This is my favorite of all, my Filipina friend cooked one of the famous Philippine dishes, Bihon or stir-fry noodles. She didn't overcook the vegetables and the taste was just right. She also added black fungus, the one you can see black in color.

I also baked this limited edition Apple Pie of my son's school, Ozaukee Christian School. The school makes apple pies once a year for fundraising. We ordered six of them and stored them in the freezer until we wanted to eat it. This year the school made 4000 pies and they were sold out. 

frozen Apple Pie ready to be baked

I also made, mango float and it was my first time. So, it didn't turn out perfectly good but according to my friend it tasted delicious.  I put too much cream, it was too sweet and it overwhelmed the flavor of the cracker

Mango Float

Another food that my Filipina friend made, I don't know what it is called. Maybe Pinakbet because of the squash but because of the black fungus then It can't be pinakbet. Let's just call it Asian Stir Fry Vegestable de Malou :)

Stir Fry Veges

Overall, our Christmas meals were fantastically superb!!! It made us feel we were back home in the Philippines. It was a combination of healthy and delicious foods made from our kitchen with love. Thank God for good friends and for the provision daily. Above all, Thank God for sending Jesus on earth as our Savior. 


  1. Kalami ani sis, ayan napabisaya tuloy ako hehehe. I love monkey bread!

  2. It looks like you really had a great Christmas and had great meals too.

  3. Ohh.. I definitely want to try that mango float.

  4. Such yummy meals you have served! I like all of them and quite intrigued with that monkey bread.

  5. wow! what a yummy meals you prepared there, i would like to try the chicken pineapple sounds very pinoy dish.


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