Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Christmas Tree Decorated With My Kids Craft Works

This year, we allowed our kids to decorate our Christmas tree and they were so excited. Their creative minds started brainstorming ideas for Christmas decors. They learned to make different crafts at school and brought it home. My older son made gigantic snow flakes and my younger son made candy canes, yellow star with gems, Christmas balls and a ginger bread house.

Here's our interesting Christmas tree with a ginger bread house and cars  underneath 

looking at different angle

My youngest son is a Lightning McQueen fan. While taking pictures of our tree, I found lightning parking on the branch. It made me laugh so hard. 

he sure can't race here

I wonder what they come up for decoration next year's Christmas tree. My boys never ceased to amuse and surprise me. Oh, the fun of having children that are all boys.


  1. The lightning mcqueen looks really funny on the tree but I think it would look really cool to have the other cars character in the tree.

  2. Isn't it wonderful when we display the works of our children anywhere in our home? That is how proud parents are even with the smallest accomplishment of our kids.

  3. that is a fun way to decorate the Christmas tree, when kids have fun ideas...that must be a good feeling to see how creative your kids can be.

  4. This was actually lovely and comes really special since kids have decorated it

  5. That os awesome. My daughter made a Swedish star and I love it!


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