Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Little Green Bay Packers Fan

The Green Bay Packers fans including my hubby are rejoicing tonight because their favorite team made the play off. They won their division  against the Chicago Bears. I don't usually watch the game because I am not into football, but I rejoice when they win and I feel sad when they loss. I like the Packers  because, first I live in Wisconsin, 2nd my hubby told me that I have too LOL. Actually Packers is a unique team, they are the only team owned by shareholders and not  by a single person. Also, Green Bay is the smallest city in the NFL. By the way, here's the newest member of the Packers fans.

The Play offs will start next week and  I have a feeling that I will be a football widow.  It's okay, I support whatever makes my hubby happy. I just don't watch with him because he gets emotional and loud. Also, I rather do something else and just usually ask how it is going and the score. One time, I warned him to calm down and not to shout because he is holding the baby. After few minutes, he was shouting and telling the Packers to do this and that as if they can hear him. It's hard for a fan not to say anything when their team is doing well and especially when they aren't doing well. Also, the baby started crying and he could not make him  stop.  Mommy to the rescue and I was able to pacify him.  My hubby looks hilarious when he watches football, I should have taken pictures of his facial expression.

The next time dad watch football, this little man will be cheering Go Pack Go!!!


  1. Cheers to the green bay packers. I'm sure they are well cheered by their little fan.

  2. oh boy! nice that there is a new fan added...he so adorable..

  3. Hahaha Boys! Hubby is the same although he is not much into it.

  4. so adorable, now the packers has ones again gain a new member or their fans...

  5. He's really so cute in his green bay packers getup.

  6. OMG! He is soo cute! I barely read the post! I was mesmerized by your little boy!

  7. Hahaha future football star sis. My son is obsessed with football although we haven't enroll him in any league.


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