Tuesday, December 10, 2013

See What I Got In The Mail!!

Few days ago I received these Namaste products that I won from joining  a blog's giveaway of my friend. These products are actually gluten free. I have no idea yet how it will taste like since I haven't tried any gluten free products. I also received  several recipes and a $1 off coupons. I'm lovin the free stuffs.

Can't wait to try these especially the brownie mix. My family loves brownies, but I make sure they eat their healthy meal first before they can have one.  I am planning on making cupcakes with the spice cake mix and maybe adding  some coconut into it.  We shall see how it turns out, I will definitely let you know.


  1. Gluten-free? Cool. I want to start buying gluten-free and organic product.

  2. gluten-free food is good. That's really a surprise. :)

  3. I never tried the spice cake mix but if given another chance will definitely try it..


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