Monday, December 30, 2013

Thanks Friends For These Asian Products

The last time I had been to an Asian store was more than a year ago. There are only few Asian stores around here and  usually it takes 30 to 45 minutes to get there. I am not confident driving that far unless if I have been there many times with my hubby. Thankfully my Filipina friend Malou and her hubby Isaac went to Asian store yesterday. It was so nice of them to asked me If I needed anything from the store so they can get it for me. Right away I asked for vinegar, soy sauce, 3 in 1 coffee and hopia. 

Datu Puti brand is for me the best brand when it comes to vinegar and soy sauce. I am currently cooking Chicken Adobo and the smell of the vinegar catches the attention of my oldest son. He said "mom whatever I smell, it smells familiar". Then, I told him what I am cooking and that I put Datu Puti Vinegar and soy sauce.

The sourness of vinegar makes the food delectable and the soy sauce saltiness is just right. It also adds brown color to whatever you are cooking.

One of the things I miss about the Philippines is the abundance of 3in1 coffee that I drank every morning. It's hard to find this coffee here in US unless if you go to  the Asian store. In  one sachet, you get coffee, sugar and cream and all you need to do is add hot water. Now, I can enjoy drinking 3in1 coffee daily until supply last.

Who would not miss this delicious biscuit? Hopia is one of my favorite snacks when I was in the Philippines. In fact, it can make your stomach feel full and you don't want to eat your meal anymore.

These are salted eggs that my friend bought for herself but she gave some to me, I usually add slice tomatoes and eat it with rice. Thanks again friends for being so kind and I was able to satisfy my craving for Filipino food. 

I do not endorsed these products nor the brands. Just sharing the products that  my family and I likes.


  1. I'm sure the Asian products made you miss home a lot more.

  2. awww..very lucky for you to have such a thoughtful friend. who sent you those.

  3. I tried those salted duck eggs and liked it but could not find them no more in the asian store.

  4. One of my fave are those salted eggs. Yum with tomatoes!

  5. Yes I agree with you. Datu Puti Vinegar and Soy Sauce are the best and best for making adobo.. or silver swan.. but that smell and that taste is just different from any other soy sauce that you would buy from the stores here in the US..... gotta have the Pinoy soy sauce... I sure haven't been to an Asian store for a long time now.. I miss it! I am out of soy sauce and vinegar of this brand and I want some.

  6. I am very curious about the salted eggs. I may have to check out some of the asian stores around here to see if I can find them! Glad you were able to get your cravings satisfied!

  7. Hello! I am moving to Wisconsin next year. Do you happen to be around this area? Kindly suggest the Asian stores there because I'm looking forward to finding Filipino stuff once I'm there. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kimi,
      I live in Ozaukee county of WI. Which part of WI are you gonna be? If you are near Milwaukee there are plenty of Asian stores. If you can let me know the city you are moving in then I will be able to give some suggestions. Thanks for dropping by.


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