Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pictures Of Wisconsin Getting 8 to 9 Inches Of Snow

Today we got 8 to 9 inches of snow. These photos were taken with in Ozaukee county particularly in Saukville. Hubby and I went to the store to pick up the photos we got for free. I took advantage snapping pictures while being his passenger. This is the best thing living in Wisconsin, you'll get to see beautiful views after a snowy weather.

driveway in front of our apartment
driveway after being plowed
another angle of our driveway after being plowed
notice the snow on top of our van
snow plower, it sprayed salt behind it
neighbor's fence half-way covered with snow

residents on my street busy plowing their driveway

colored cars turned white
snow pile at Walmart parking area

other side of Walmart parking area
that snow pile must be 9 feet tall

that's my hubby waiting for me inside the van
that's a ramp towards the free way

the road is already salted and plowed

road side
so pretty

bridge covered with snow

park nearby

still part of the Veterans Park

houses on our street


that's my neighbor's car covered with snow
our neighbor's house so pretty

I hope you enjoyed the photo, feel free to share this to your friends!!


  1. 8 to 9 inches, that's a lot of snow. I'm sure it's a lot more difficult moving around with that amount of snow.

  2. Ganda ng pine trees pag may snow no sis? Wala m ng snow samin but it is getting cold again. We had a really good weather yesterday but back to cold again today.

  3. These are scenes I only get to see in postcards. This must be really be a lovely time but I'm hope its not too hard to travel with this snow.

  4. wow that's a lot of snow for just one dear, sometimes snows can be hassle though.

  5. Beautiful :) I always wanted to experience snow.

  6. Wow. What a snow fall. I do not miss the cleanup.

  7. Oh my! That’s deep! It’s dangerous and it will cause a lot of muscle/joint pains. Merry Christmas!


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