Monday, November 17, 2014

Cooking With Green Earth Non-Stick Frying Pan #Ozeri

I have been meaning to buy a non-stick pan for years but couldn't find the one I like and I could trust for safety reason. My old non-stick pan's coating flaked off and not safe to use anymore. I love to cook food with less oil and calories if possible.  I have been searching for a safe to use one. I heard that non- stick pan coating produce harmful chemicals that get mixed to our food, that's why my old one got thrown out. So happy when I was given an opportunity by Ozeri to review  their 12 inches frying pan. Their Green Earth non-stick frying pan comes in 3 piece set  of 8", 10 and  12". Continue reading below for find out why these non-stick pans are awesome.

photo credit :

Meanwhile enjoy the photos of foods I cooked using Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan
sauteing onion, garlic and tomato  
adding tuna flakes
Sauteed tuna flakes with eggs
browning my dumplings
making sunny side up

cooking burger patties 
delicious dinner: burger and bake totter tots
I was so excited when the product came. In fact we tried used it right away. The product was wrapped up pretty good making sure it won't get scratch during shipping.What I noticed using Green Earth Non-stick frying pan is that it cooks my food evenly. The way the pan texture surface was design, it distributes heat evenly. The pan cooks better  if you allow the pan to reach the temperature first. The directions also say that I have to put a little oil on the pan to seasoned it. I didn't need to put a lot of oil, in fact I could wipe the oil off afterwards prior to cooking. I like that the handle is made of heat resistant silicon I don't need a glove to hold the pan. I find it super easy to wash the pan but also I don't wash it every after cooking. I think it will last long if I just wipe the oil off every after cooking. I like that this pan has an ultra ceramic coating which  make it 100% PTFE and PFOA free. Here is the photo of the pancake I made. See how it browns evenly. My pancake seems fluffier too.

my pancake cooks evenly
Hubby and I love this pan and we highly recommend it for you to try. Here is the Amazon link if you want to read more reviews or place an order.

I received the Green Earth Non-Stick Frying Pan from Ozeri for free for product evaluation purposes. However, all opinions expressed is solely my own and not influenced in any means. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Organic Hair Oil Treatment Review #oldwivestail

I was born with thick, black and healthy hair. But my hair underwent a drastic change when I moved here in the US 4 years ago. With the new environment, different food and hard water plus the stress in adjusting to everything new has caused my hair to shred a lot,  it has turned brittle and dry. I was ironing my hair too often too, to make it look better which didn't help but worsen the situation. At one time, I thought I will go bald. I was shredding too much hair. I was glad when a pure and natural shampoo and conditioner was introduced to me a few years ago. It has Aloe vera as the first ingredient. It has improved my condition and I don't shred as much hair as I used to. But just using shampoo and conditioner sometimes is not enough. My hair is still a bit dry and brittle. This is why I put some hot oil or any hair treatment once a week. Some of the hair treatment I tried irritates my skin or didn't turn out what I expected to be. 

A few weeks ago I was given an opportunity to try out Old Wives Tail, an organic hair oil treatment. They sent me the Almond & Cinnamon Organic Hair Mask for my hair type.  I like anything natural, organic or has more natural ingredients when it comes to my beauty products. I believe that using natural and organic will have a lasting good effect and won't cause any harm when being use for a long time. 

Here is their product description:

  • Our organic oil treatment is completely chemical free and 100% natural making it very gentle and king to your hair and scalp.
  • Our oil treatments strengthen, thicken and nourish the hair making them the perfect natural remedy for dry, damaged, broken and brittle tresses.
  • They smell absolutely divine! We use stimulating and refreshing essential oils that give our oils their amazing scent.

creamy hair mask with label and instruction

my hair before application
applying the hair oil treatment

covered with warm towel and leaving it on for an hour
the result
after 3 days and my hair is still rocking!!!

What I think of Old Wives Tail Organic Hair Treatment:

I got the product promptly and it was in a good condition. I wasn't expecting too much from this hair treatment since I wasn't sure how it's going to turn out. But I am so eager to give it a try because this is the first hair treatment I knew that is made from organic and natural ingredients. I was a bit excited.  I was wowed with the result. My hair looks nourished, feels soft, easy to comb, shiny and stronger. My co-worker even noticed the difference. Also, it didn't irritate my scalp at all, unlike other hair treatment that caused me to have severe dandruff afterwards. In fact, this product helps eliminate my dandruff. The different natural oils in this product gives an aromatic scent that calms me down. I can smell the different plants on it.  I like that it has almond, Shea butter and other organic ingredients which makes this product safe to use. No paraben, no sulfate, it's vegan and gluten free. It was never tested on animals. My hair was soft, shiny and easy to comb and easier to manage even after 3 days of using this. The only thing though is that the product I got looks creamy and not oily and I had a little hard time applying it on my dry hair. I had to make my hair a little damp, it's the easiest way to spread out the product. For the most part I love it and I recommend it for you to try, it works and it is safe to use. In fact I am planning to buy more when my supply ran out. 

To get more information regarding this product or other Old Wives Tail Organic Hair treatment visit or like their FB fan page to get updates with their wonderful products and promotion by clicking here

Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange of my honest review. However all opinions expressed were solely my own and not influenced in any way. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#Crave Naturals #Tweezers Slant Tip Stainless Steel Review

Crave Naturals came out with their elegant stainless steel slant tip Precisio Professional Grade Tweezers. This Tweezers is excellent for plucking eyebrows, first aid use, personal care as well as hair removal. I was grateful to received a free Precisio professional grade tweezers for a review. My eyebrows are thick and it makes me look like a villain if I don't pluck them lol. For a woman like me who had been plucking eyebrows at the age of 14. Tweezers is one of those beauty tools I couldn't live without and is always on my make up kit. In fact I probably have 3 pairs of tweezers everywhere in the house. I use tweezers not just for shaping my eyebrows but also for removing unwanted hairs everywhere on my body.

Tweezers are very helpful in removing splinters and debris. It's a must have tool in every first aid kit. I can't count  how many times I used tweezers when my kids got splinter from a wood. The old pairs of tweezers I got were cheap ones and sometimes does not do a good job especially removing hairs. 

Crave Naturals Precisio Professional Tweezers
current price at Amazon : $12.99

What I think about Crave Naturals Precisio Professional Grade Tweezers?

photo credit:

When Crave Naturals Precisio Professional Grade Tweezers came in my mailbox, I got very excited and couldn't wait to open the box.  I was amazed how beautiful the packaging was. The tweezers was inside a transparent tube, and that tube was placed inside a bigger black and white tube. I think that was their way of making sure the tweezers won't get damage and contaminated during shipping. I think the packaging is elegant, and can be a perfect gift for bridal showers or to your girl friends. What I love about this product is the sharp slant tip. It makes it easier for me to pluck hairs because the slant tip does not pinch my skin, it grabs more hair and it's perfectly designed to angle the brow bone.  I can see that it is made from a stainless steel by just looking at the tip. I notice it is a bit heavier than my 3 old pairs but not heavy enough to give discomforts. In fact, I have easier grip on this since it is wider and the body is made of non slip grip. With my old pairs of tweezers they sometimes flip on my fingers. I can see and feel the difference between my old  pairs and this tweezers. This cost maybe a little bit more of my budget for tweezers but I can see this will last a lifetime. I highly recommended it. It's worth the money. 

plucking my eyebrows before going to work

I love my eyebrows

There are so many great reviews that I read from Amazon. I am encouraging  you to visit Amazon at You can also check out their website Crave Naturals to see their awesome products. If you want to get updates of their latest products and promotions you can follow them on their social media accounts.

Facebook  -
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Youtube    -

Disclosure: I received a free Crave Naturals Precisio Professional Tweezers for product evaluation and review and was not compensated at all. However all opinions written were exclusively my own and not influenced by any means.

Friday, August 29, 2014

#Ozeri WeightMaster 400 lbs Digital Bath Scale Review

If you are into fitness and want to measure and track your weight and BMI(body mass index) or if you are trying to lose or gain weight and wants to see your progress. This scale is for you! A non complicated digital bath scales that allows you to set-up up to 5 unique user profiles. It has auto detection, it recognized you when you step on the scale the next time.

  • It comes in two different colors(white and black) made out of impact-resistant tempered glass and can weigh up to 400 lbs. 
  • It has BMI with weight differential detection, instantly shows your BMI, current weight and your weight change since your last weigh in. It calculates your net weight  change from the average 3-7 weigh ins.
  • Displays all calculations on the scale LCD screen without worry of any complicated synching or data connections failure that are more common to Bluetooth or wireless alternatives
  • Smart LCD color alert technology. Illuminates green color during weight loss and red when you gained weight. 

Photo credit :

What I think of Ozeri WeightMaster 400 lbs Digital Bath Scale?
The Ozeri WeightMaster 400 lbs Digital Bath scale is the best scale I have ever had. Sturdy and It can weigh a person up to 400lbs so no worries of breaking it if you are overweight.  I received black color scale that looks very classy with sleek design for review. It is thin and light so moving it from place to another is easy. Since it was made from impact-resistant tempered glass, cleaning it was so easy. I can even use the eyeglass wipe cleaner that I have. I love that it is equipped with non-slip scratch-resistant feet that won't damage the floor. I can also changed the measuring unit from pounds to kilo and vice by pressing the button at the back.   It has auto-recognition technology so the next time you use the scale, it auto recognized you by displaying your BMI, height and user profile number.  I was able to set-up 3 user profiles, one for my hubby, for me and my oldest son. At first, I had hard time setting it up but it came with a manual for instructions. In setting up profile, simply press set, it will display the user profile number, press the arrow right or left to choose the user number you want then press set. Then you have to put your height but wait for the height number to blink before pressing the arrows left or right to choose the right height measurement then press set. It will then display lbs or kilo depending on the unit of measurement you choose. You are now ready to weigh yourself by stepping on the scale and not moving for few seconds until the BMI numbers displayed.  That is all for the weighing process and instructions and the next time you step on it, it will recognize you by showing your profile number, height, BMI and current weight. I recommend this scale, it's worth the money and it has a year warranty from the date of purchase.

checking my weight 

Photo credit :
Thin and light  with non-slip scratch-resistant feet

If you want to know more details of this user friendly digital scale or you want to place your order, visit

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Surfing Online Comfortably With Portable Lap Desk

When hubby and I went grocery shopping at Aldi's last weekend, we found this Portable Lap Desk for $7.99. I know it's going to help me have a better grip of my laptop. I can't count how many times I dropped my laptop on the floor. Thank goodness, it didn't break and is still working well. So we purchased this lap desk and never regret having it.

blogging comfortable
The lap desk has a smooth flat surface, easy to carry anywhere, it's light and  has a handle to hold on to. My laptop never slid and I have extra space on the sides for the mouse. 

It has a cushion underneath that is being attached by a Velcro, making surfing online comfortable. I don't feel the heat that comes from the laptop fan anymore and I have a stable  view of my computer screen since my laptop sits  on a flat even surface.

cushion underneath makes it nice and soft on your lap

I  so  love this product, makes me a happy mommy blogger. How about you? Do you have a lap desk too?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nature"s Best Vitamin C Serum Review

As you noticed lately I have been blogging a lot about natural products. It's because I prefer anything natural or organic whether skin care products or food supplements. I believe in the natural healing power of plants and herbs, and that they are safe to use unlike the chemically based products that can cause harm. I was given another opportunity to review a Vitamin C Serum from Nature's Best. I read a lot of great reviews on Amazon about Natures Best Vit C serum and now it's my turn to give my review. Just want to add that what works on me might not work on you and vice versa depending on your skin type and need.

Nature's Best Vitamin C Serum
it came with  a dropper for easy use
is a Vitamin C serum for face, eyes and acne. Contains Organic 20% Vit C and E, hyaluronic Acid. The product promised to reverse the effects of aging, helps sun damaged skin, stimulate collagen production, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and remove toxins. Works on any skin types.

What I think of Nature's Best Vit C Serum?
This is the first Vit C serum I have tried and I tried it for three weeks now. The first thing I notice few minutes after application is that it firms my skin, it tightens my pores as well. I used it twice a day morning and night after cleaning my face. I gradually see results the longer I use the product, not a lot of changes but my skin feels smooth and soft. Since this product is natural then using it for long term has no side effects only good results. It has a bit of not pleasant smell( not sure if all serum smells like this) but it's tolerable especially I put moisturizer on my face that has good scent after the serum. I also broke out but it went away after few days(note: I had my period when I started using this product so it might be the reason why I broke out). I think the serum prevented my pimples from getting infected or bigger. I would recommend that you use moisturizer after applying this, it will keep your skin soft and hydrated the whole day. The serum absorb unto my skin after few minutes and the smell is also gone. I have not gotten any pimples after the first break out. I love that this is natural and organic plus it was made in USA. They have an awesome customer service and the product came promptly. Another serum that works for me and I love it. I think the price is reasonably affordable. I would recommend it for you to try and see how this serum works for you. 

 read the back label for more info

If you want to know more about this product, read lots of great reviews and place your order, be sure to visit 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Celebrating Our 8th Year Of Being Married

I can't believe I have been married to the most awesome man in the whole world for eight years now and we are still rockin!!  It feels like yesterday when we said our sweet I do's. If you haven't read my previous post on how we met, here it is Looking Back When We First Met. We are lovers from different sides of the world but joined as one by the Almighty God.  

Made perfect for each other

We got married in my beloved country Philippines. It was the most wonderful feeling I had next to giving birth. Wearing my beautiful wedding dress and walking down the isles while everyone's eyes were on me, and while the love of my life was waiting near the altar,  It felt like I was a princess. 

Us with my uncle giving my hand over 
Eight crazy, fun, strong and full of love years won't be possible without the love and guidance that comes from God.  Yes!! All credit to the Lord Jesus for all the great things He has done and is doing in our lives that leads to  a godly marriage. 

My beautiful wedding dress 

My husband kept saying that he is the most lucky man in the whole world for having me in his life. I told him I don't believe in luck but I would agree 100% to what he said, ha ha. Well the truth is, I am blessed beyond measure to be his lawful wife, not only he's a terrific husband but also he is a very loving dad to our kids. 

They say I am the only rose between the thorns but I say I am the only rose in a beautiful garden. My boys are the most wonderful gift I received from the Lord.

Now, that 8 years has gone by.... looking back, it made us smile. Lots of wonderful moments shared together, through pains, sorrows and laughters we never gave up but instead we love each other more.... what a beautiful life we have. Nothing we could ask for more.

Joshua 24:15

    "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Check Your Credit Score With CreditSesame For Free

I remembered my dear hubby paid $40 dollars to a credit reporting agency  just to check his credit score. I wasn't thrilled about it, why would someone have to pay that much  to get their credit score? Although you can access the site for a year but it's no brainer since my hubby only check his credit score probably once or twice a month.

Glad to know that there is a website that offers free credit score report.  Yes! It is free and you don't even have to  enter your credit card information. offers free credit score report and more. When I told my hubby about this website, he said we will definitely use creditsesame from now on. 

CreditSesame offers:

- FREE monthly credit score
 - FREE 1-Bureau credit monitoring and alerts
 - FREE analysis of all your credit and loans
 - FREE $50K identity theft insurance and ID restoration help

You will be required to enter your SSS number for your identification and in order for them to pull the report. Sign up now by clicking the photo above.

Update : I signed up to see if this website is really free and is giving the services they are offering. I am very glad, that they are true to their words, I didn't have to pay anything. I am also very thrilled  to know that my credit score is excellent.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Azure Naturals ULTIMATE VITAMIN C Skin Repair Serum

Growing old is a natural process of life, whether we like it or not our hair will eventually turn grey and our skin will get wrinkly and saggy. We age differently depending on  many factors like genetics, environment and lifestyle. In my case, it's more environment and lifestyle. I get a lot of sun burn from working outside, leads to my facial skin to look uneven due to dark spots, makes me look older. I know some people wants to look younger and others are not  bothered of the transformation they are going through. I want to look better but not vain, I want to be able to take care of my skin in a natural way and is less expensive.  Many companies nowadays came out with different anti-aging products to help slow down the aging process especially on the skin. The problem is, most of the products  are chemically based that can cause harm over time and are expensive. Glad to know that there is a natural and organic anti-aging product in the market we can get today. It says it  helps repair sun damage, gradually fades sun and age spots, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It works for your face and  neck. I was privileged to received one free bottle to try in exchange of my honest review. To all health and self conscious, here's Azure Naturals Ultimate Vitamin C Skin Repair Serum.  Let's see how this product works on me. 

1 fl oz(30 ml) $19.95
20% Vit C+ Hyaluronic Acid, Vit E + Ferulic Acid
So how this Vitamin C Serum works?
This serum will increase cellular renewal by boosting the production of collagen and elastin. Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid and Vit E are all powerful anti-oxidants that when combined can provide up to eight-fold antioxidant protection, 96% reduction of sunburn cells and prevent the formation of free radicals in sun exposed skin. The serum is intentionally designed to be thin, but not greasy or watery. This is the optimal consistency for a Vitamin C serum and allows the potent ingredients to deeply penetrate your skin to repair sun and other environmental damage while boosting production of new collagen and elastin.

came with a dropper for easy use

What I think about Azure Naturals Vit C Skin Repair Serum?
This is the second Vitamin C serum I have tried but I love this one the better. When I tried it on my face and neck for the first time, I noticed that my skin feels soft and smooth. It doesn't sting, doesn't have a nasty scent, non greasy or watery. It dries fast and gets absorb onto my skin easily.  I have been using this for 2 weeks now twice a day, in the morning and night. After cleaning my face and neck, I apply 3 to 4 drops of this followed by a moisturizer. Oh la la. I love the result, seriously love this product. Not only my facial lines are slowly diminishing (not that I have a lot but I have few under my eyes) but my pores look smaller too.  My skin looks moisturized and not dry. It helps exfoliate dead skin making my face looks brighter. Also I feel my skin is firmer and cleaner, makes my make up looks better and even. I love that it is 98% natural and 72% organic, no alcohol, no parabens, gluten free, no GMO's. It has 20% Vit C, Vit E and 11% Hyaluronic Acid + Ferulic Acid and a lot of natural ingredients. It's made in USA and was never tested on animals. I will definitely buy this again. 

I love how my skin looks and feels 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Miss Fishing With My Kids

Hello awesome friends! How are you all doing? It has been crazy busy especially this week. With my new job, I hardly have time to write something. I get so exhausted, it's a good paying job but requires hard work. Anyhow, I was looking at the photo albums on my Facebook and found these old photos(2 yrs old) of me and my kids. We used to go fishing mainly to get our own fresh fish and for fun. Having to grow up in a country surrounded by water, we were spoiled with the abundance of marine products. We always eat and cook fresh fish, crab, shrimp, shells and etc you can find in the ocean. 

Going fishing with my boys

When we moved here in the US, the only fish we can find in the stores are the frozen ones. Who knows how long it has been in the freezer. The fresh ones are  expensive too and there are only few stores who sells them and I don't usually shop there. So, one day I decided I am gonna go fish and get my own fresh fish. I bought a fishing license and fishing tools. 

patiently waiting for the fish to take our bait

Here, we were fishing at Lake Michigan near the Electric plant. We never had any fishing experience and there was no one who can teach us how. Hubby does not fish either. One day, we met a Filipino friend fishing in the same area  and gave us some tips. He even taught my oldest son how to fish and I thought that was so nice of him.

caught a trout

No, I didn't catch this fish  but my friend did. It was a 14 inches trout fish and the good thing was, he gave this fish to us. It was so good, cooked it for dinner.

ready to be fried
It had been two years since I went fishing with my kids and my license had expired already. Not sure when I am gonna go fishing again, maybe when my baby is old enough to go fishing with me. I am afraid if I'll take him now, he will be running anywhere and it won't be safe for him. 

I remembered, we had a great time. We caught some trout but it was  too small and had to be put back to the lake. We never really caught a good size one. Maybe next time, we have to know the right way of doing it. How about you? Do you go fishing?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Remembering My Talented Little Sister

I remember my younger sister every time I see a live band music. She used to sing in a band usually as a  lead vocalist. She was trying to earn extra money while she's in school so she could buy  her personal needs without asking money from our parents. She was a student by day and a singer by night. I adored her for doing that, I wish I could sing like her. They traveled places to places, where ever they got invited to perform. They performed on stage or without  a stage. People loved her voice and how her band mates played the music. After a few months, she had to quit the band as she wasn't getting enough sleep but I think, if they were still performing together they will love this portable stage from musician's friend for sure. The stage performance will be a blast. Well, It's been many years since she quit the band but she still can sing. There were times I would ask her to sing for me and my kids. It brings back great memories of our childhood. I just love her to pieces. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Best 4th Of July We Ever Had

Hello awesome readers! It's been three days since the 4th of July so this is like a late update. Also I wasn't been able to  update my blog lately. A lot of things had happened on me and my family  especially these past few days. One is that I started doing a new job that requires a lot of energy, at the end of the day I feel very exhausted. And two, is that, even though I have been working hard I still have to fulfill my mommy duties. So, I could not find time to write something. I am lovin my busy life though, I just have to make sure I get enough sleep. Anyway, how was your 4th of July? I would say we had the best 4th of July ever since we moved here in United state. I almost forgot that last month was our 4th year anniversary being on the US soil, so far so good with the help of my loving hubby, we were able to adjust to the community very well. 

American Jelly and Cake Flag made by my SIL

So wanna know why we had the best 4th of July ever so far? We'll, it's because we celebrated it with my hubby's youngest brother and his family at their resident. My mom-in-law was there too, and that was nice because my kids misses her so much. We seldom see them because they live far away and to have that time together was precious. We had sumptuous foods, we played badminton, we each took turn riding on their gator. If you don't know how gator looks like, here is the example photo.

photo not mine
Our nephews have pedaled go karts so my kids were riding on it the whole day. Of course, I tried it too and had a little race with my SIL. We also launched 3 rocket toys, my boys had a blast.  We went home in the afternoon  very exhausted but we managed to go to the park and watched the  fireworks display later that evening.

waiting for the fireworks

Here's the video of the fireworks display that night. I hope you had a wonderful 4th. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Teaching Our Son How To Rollerblade

My oldest son has never learned or tried rollerblading before so when the Summer School program offered it, he was very thrilled. We signed him up and got him a brand new pair of Rollerblades a week before the summer school started. We also got him elbow and knee pads, his helmet was an old one but rarely used. Hubby helped him put it on and I think that was so sweet of him to do that. My son had to try it on to get the hang of wearing/using it.
getting ready for fun

This is his new rollerblades from k2skates, it was expensive but a nice quality one. We didn't want to get him a used one mainly for safety reason and we know he will be rollerblading a lot once he learned how to. Do you know the difference between rollerblades and roller skates?  Rollerblades has 4 wheels in straight line while the roller skates has two sets of wheels on each side like your car. 

brand new rollerblades from k2skates
At first, my son was a bit nervous, hubby had to helped him how to stand and maneuver with those on. They were rollerblading for an hour and half until my son was able to do it by himself.
a little scared to step
My middle son was biking around and just watching. I snapped a photo of them and my son looked relax this time. My son learned fast and I am sure he'll do just fine at school. I have an awesome and supportive husband,  I adore him so much. 
standing confidently
I don't know how to rollerblade yet and I am not sure if I want to learn. How about you? What age did you start rollerblading?
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