Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baby Nose Sucker With Molds

photo not mine
A good friend of mine tagged me on Facebook after she re-posted this. My friend was concerned about my baby even though she wasn't sure if I really have a nose sucker like this. The post that she shared to me was from a mom named Chelsea. Chelsea got a nose sucker from the hospital where she had her baby. One day Chelsea saw  an article of another mom who cracked open her baby's nose sucker and it was filled with mold. She was worried and did the same thing and this is how her baby's nose sucker looks like.  We would assume that maybe both moms didn't clean the nose suckers enough, but the truth about mold is that they grow where there are trapped moisture. No matter how much cleaning you do if you can't dry it enough, mold can grow.  I got a nose sucker exactly like this seven months ago from the hospital where I gave birth to my baby S. I used it many times on him when he was congested due to cold especially during bath time.  I was not given any instructions on how to clean it and I didn't ask either assuming that I won't have any problem cleaning it. I thought I could just use hot soapy water and squeeze it out many times then it is all dry and clean. I was wrong about what I thought because after reading this on Facebook, I cut and opened my son's nose sucker too. These are how mine looks like 

this is my baby's nose sucker and  tiny dots of mold had grown already

See those tiny dots of mold? Although mine is not as bad as the picture from Chelsea but who knows how much mold is gonna grow if I continue to use it on my baby. I am glad I read her post and didn't think twice on checking on it. I cleaned my nose sucker with hot soapy water and squeezed the water out many times but still it didn't stop the mold to grow. Molds are harmful for our babies health. My son had been sick for two weeks due to cold but I can't say it was from the mold because flu virus is going around too. 

much closer look at the mold
I read online that you can use vinegar and hot water in cleaning nose sucker. You can also soak it on a water with  bleach and dry it out. I threw mine away and my dear hubby bought a new one where I can open, wash and dry it. The brand is safety 1st and I tried it on him twice. I can't say yet how good it is since my son kept pushing my hand away. It can't do what it supposed to do but I will update you next time. So, moms and dads if you have nose sucker like this, please check it out.


  1. awww.... ako e check ang kay gaby na nose sucker b.. ty sa info madz..

  2. oh boy! i'm also clue less about that, but glad you brought it up. will definitely check ours or prolly just throw it away.

  3. I guess it should be sanitized regularly over hot water to clean molds and germs.

  4. I had this when my kids were small but never really use it.

  5. Ewww napapacringe ako l;ooking at the first one sis wahh

  6. i will definitely keep this in mind that after a month will throw one and get a new one.

  7. Oh my, that is disgusting!! We used to have one but I never used it....yuck!

  8. We have a nasal aspirator like that. I always wash mine with hot water after use. We've used it for awhile until it got a hole in it. I cracked it open and didn't see any mold in it.

  9. ew that was gross but very informative for anyone that didn't know that these things grow mold thank you


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