Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Crafts Made By My Kids

Last month, we were invited by my friend to come to their church, they were having a 3 day activities and presentation called Enter The Gates Of Bethlehem. They had  a presentation of Jesus birth, craft making for kids and they showed animals you usually see in Jesus time which I will show the pictures on my other post. I just want to show the crafts that my kids did that night. 

Here's my son, Spring roll 2, making his snow man. I helped him with applying the glue, but he did most of the job. He glanced at the instruction when he didn't know what to do next. 

Here's the finished job, it was easy and simple but cute. My older son made the snow man on the right and it looks derailed. He was acting silly and wanted to design his in his own way and not following the instruction on the paper that came with it. I love the message in the snowman's heart.

This star was another craft they had and Spring roll 2 decorated it. We hung this star on our Christmas tree. 

My family had a great time that night and  we were looking  forward for their next year's activity.


  1. Those are great for decorating your tree. We have many of those.

  2. I can't wait for my son to actually do such crafts that way we can create our own Christmas decors together.

  3. These are nice crafts and they can even use it for fund raisers.

  4. So nice and crafty! Your kiddos must have enjoyed doing those crafted snowmen. :)

  5. You have some very talented children. Those are so cute. I am very proud of seeing these. I'll have to try this with my two youngest kiddos.


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