Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Feeling Homesick With Filipino Foods

I flew through Korean Air from Chicago O'hare to the 
Philippines but I forgot which airport this was
It's been almost a year since my mom passed away, I didn't even notice where  the time went? I could still remember when I was there. I was in the Philippines January 2013 to say goodbye to my mom for the last time during that time I was 4 1/2 months pregnant with my youngest son. She passed away the 28th of this month. The last time I physical hugged and kissed her was 2010 when my two kids that time and I time moved to USA. We were at the NAIA when we bid goodbye. It was a hard trip for a pregnant mom like me. I was glad that they allowed families, elderly and me  to board the plane first and I made sure I sit next to the lavatory. Anyway, I don't want to make my readers cry but I just want to share some of the food that I had when I was there. I ate a lot of different Filipino foods especially the sticky rice. One time, my sister and I went to the nearby mall called Gaisano in General Santos City. 

again I forgot where I was when this was taken 
but this was inside the airport
We had lunch in one of the  food chains,  I ordered these because these were just some of the Filipino foods that I so missed. In fact I am craving for these food right now, if only there's a Filipino restaurant nearby I will frequently visit to buy food. In the photo below you will see two cups of  white rice, seaweed salad, jack fruit salad with coconut milk, roasted pig(yay!), raw fish salad and sweetened iced tea. If you wonder what is that black color sauce, that is vinegar, soy sauce with chili. You will always find that sauce in most of the Philippines restaurants or food chains. 

Here's how the food chains look like in General Santos, Philippines. Every food chain has their own specialty when it comes to food. Also, only in the Philippines where you can find spaghetti in almost all restaurants and food chains.

My trip was between 22 to 24 hours long, it was a very exhausting and boring because I traveled alone  but it was worth it, I got to spent time with my family after more than two years of being gone.


  1. Oh my, I'm drooling here for the seawed salad!

  2. Sis,
    I am so sorry for your Mother's loss :-( I hope that by now, you are feeling better ;-) I remember those days when the last time I saw my Dad for the last time. It is not easy and it is hard for me especially that I am a Daddy's girl :-( By the way, the seaweed is my favorite food and tried last 2012 :-)

  3. I know what you mean. Often I find myself feeling homesick when I eat something that reminds me of home (in my case I get homesick as in missing my family, more than my home town).

  4. it would be very hard for me to travel for that amount of time on my own, but homesickness would be worse I think. I am sorry for your loss but glad you were able to find some comfort foods when you were there.

  5. those are the foods i've missed so much. now i'm drooling with your post.

  6. You are so brave sis. I was seven months pregnant when I came here in the US so imaginin mo ang tumbok ng tyan ko hahaha.

    So sorry to learn about your Mom's passing.

  7. oh my!! the seaweed salad please!!!! i so miss that! sorry for your loss, but at least you were able to spend time with your family.

  8. Isn't it weird that when we are homesick, we turned to native food for comfort? I do that a lot too.

  9. Same here. Good thing there's an Asian store here that I can go to and buy produce and goods that I can make into our Filipino dishes that I miss.

  10. Sometimes when I am homesick I fix my self some filipino dish... It helps.:)


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