Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Filipino Food For New Year's Celebration

How was your New Year celebration? Mine was quiet and although we went to bed late, we didn't do anything special. No karaoke, no fireworks and no Media Noche. My older son kept asking me if we could have a midnight snack and watch the fireworks. Unfortunately, my hubby was too tired to go anywhere and we didn't know if there were any fireworks display in our city. My son misses how we celebrate New Years in the Philippines, not that US is boring, it's just that we do things differently over there. I would say it is more fun. 

Hubby and I had our couples devotional on that  midnight while the kids were already in bed. I remembered, in the Philippines we have what we called Media Noche (midnight in Spanish) food in welcoming the New Year before or during the fireworks show. My friend and I  decided to celebrate New Year during the day instead of midnight with Filipino foods. Since she is a great cook than me, she made the viands while I made the desserts. She gave me some of her food and I gave her mine, we called it food swapping. I made mango float and dark chocolate chip coconut cookies. These were the food she prepared and I can tell you, she can start  a restaurant business.

Bihon or Stir-fry noodles

Macaroni Salad

Pork Kilawin with radish


Chicken Adobo

Ah! These foods made us feel we were back home, back in my mom's kitchen. We ate these foods with steamed white rice(jasmine). I can say that we faced the New Year eating healthy. I don't have the recipes for these, maybe on my next post I'll be able to share only if she has time to give it to me. Thanks friend for the delectable foods.


  1. I hope you can share the recipes for these. They look so good!

    1. Hi Nancy, thanks. I will work on the recipes and let you know.

  2. Sarap ng pinakbet sis. love the macaroni salad as well.

  3. wow, i love everything here, those were good food back in hometown indeed.

  4. I think pancit is just classic for all occasion.

  5. What lovely Filipino dishes I so miss! Happy 2014!


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