Friday, February 28, 2014

Stealth Ninja Costume From!!

My son is a big fan of Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He watches these tv shows through amazon prime almost everyday along with his older brother. He wanted to be the red ranger since red is his favorite color. Although he likes red ranger he also wanted to be the black ranger. Most of the ninjas he saw on the movies wore black so this prompted him to wear anything black he can grab from his closet that resembles the ninja look. It's fun watching him doing his karate and kung fu moves but I know he would look awesome if he is really wearing a ninja outfit. I know he will love it too. He kept asking me to buy him one but costumes are not always available in the stores unless if it is few weeks before the Halloween and usually they go fast then you are left with only few items to select from. It is also hard to find the right sizes and  designs that my kids will like. Going from store to store is also very exhausting and not fun especially I have to tag along three kids. 

I am so glad when I was given an opportunity to review a product from Anytimecostumes. It is an online store where you can buy costumes for adults, kids and babies. You can place an order anytime and no need to go costume hunting in every stores.  You do not have to wait for Halloween to get one, you can order anytime for any occasions like birthdays, events and costume parties . When I told my son that he can finally wear a real looking ninja outfit, he was jumping for joy. We browsed the site together to see what costumes were available. Wow, hundreds of nice selections and I can order the right size that will fit him. We actually had a great time browsing, some costumes are too funny(the characters they are portraying, perfect to give others a good laugh) others are too cute, and makes you feel you are in a character if you wear one.

My son had his eyes on this costume, it has two of his favorite colors, black and red. Although it didn't come with a sword, it's still a great costume.

Stealth  Ninja 

So we choose this costume for review and it didn't take long for the item to arrived. My son is small so we ordered child small size(6-8). The costume cost was $19.97 and the package includes:
  • jumpsuit with attached hood and ties
  • belt with foam stars
  • face mask

Bonus item was included, a ninja figure. My son was thrilled to see that his costume came with a toy. 
Bonus item: Ninja figure included with costume

What I like about the product:
  • good quality fabric and I know they recommended to do spot cleaning but I think I can hand wash the product when it gets dirty and air dry it on a hanger.
  • it wasn't itchy, the jumpsuit was made from 100% polyester, my son never complains and in fact he wore it three(3) times a week. 
  • i like that it came with a mask, like a ninja it conceals identity made my son feels he is in a character

What I do not like:
  • the red ties on the lower legs came loose and I needed to tighten it up especially after few hours of ninja moves. Although when tied tightly at the beginning, it stayed on place longer.

What I like about Anytimecostumes online store:
  • you can place an order anytime and they have a same day shipping. You do not have to wait for Halloween to get one. They have clearance sale and offers discount.
  • you can exchange items if there's a defect or size issue. In fact they included a return/exchange form in my packaging.
  • they have a lot of costumes to choose from, costumes for babies up to adults are available, not only that, they also have accessories, hats, wigs and more.
  • you can choose sizes that best fits you, 
  • their service was very prompt, I received exactly what I ordered

My son is all set as a ninja and it's perfect because his birthday is coming up. He can have a costume birthday party.

What are you waiting for my dear readers?
Visit to find out more about their great looking costumes. Follow them on their Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates of their cool costumes, sales and discounted items.

Disclosure: This is Not a sponsored post. I received the Stealth Ninja Costume from AnytimeCostumes for free in exchange of my honesty review. However all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weaving Demonstration

These photos were taken last December 2013, my family were invited  by a good friend of mine to a church event called Enter The Gates Of Bethlehem. My friend's co-worker is a member of that church. That's how she got invited and since it was an event opened to public she invited us too. My whole family came and she and her kids came too. It was a 3 day event where they featured how life would look like during Jesus times. They wore biblical outfits, there were artifacts, arts and crafts, and a presentation of Jesus's birth too.

I found this nice lady weaving at the corner of the room where  all the presentations were going on. So, I approached her and asked if I could take photos of her weaving. She was nice enough to let me and she even demonstrated how her weaving machine works.  She had been weaving since she was young and it became her hobby

Weaving is not new to me as I have seen people weaving in the country I came from. Mostly tribal people weaved their clothes and they also weaved clothes for a living. They make colorful and decorative weaved clothes with beads. This skill needs a lot of patience as it takes time to finish and make a fabric. 

My family had a great time and we are hoping for another event like this in this coming December. I am not into sewing, quilting, knitting and any other types of dressmaking including weaving but I believe I can learn them If I put my heart into it. 

Weaving is a method of fabric production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth - Wikipedia

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Enjoying Gorton's Fish Fillet

I won these products from a blog giveaway sponsored by Gorton. It only took a few days for it to arrived. I was ecstatic when the package came, couldn't wait to open it. I love fish and ate fish my whole life. I was born and raised in the city where fishing is the main industry. Growing up, fish had always been part of our daily meal. Glad I won this giveaway because I love to try different fish products. Here are the items inside the package, I got 2 full value coupons, 2 Gorton's branded oven mitts, 1 Gorton's branded spatula and assortment of Gorton's recipe cards.

The coupons I got, I redeemed it with two large bags of fish fillet. Each bag cost over $10.00. Hubby was very happy because he loves fish too and this kind of food he can take with him to the road. He prefer food that needs only baking or warming in his small truck oven.

This was our dinner last Sunday, we bought two bags of ready to eat vegetables salad. Hubby baked the beer battered fish fillet, I cut them in cubes and  added it on my salad. I had shredded mozzarella and croutons on my salad too. It was great tasting and healthy dinner.

This was my lunch today, I tried the regular fish fillet. I had fried rice made by my friend and fruit cup in gel. Yummy and healthy, even my picky eater middle son loves it too.

I like the regular fish fillet the most, the beer batter is okay too. Thanks Gorton for the prizes.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hubby Bought A New Washing Machine

Our washing machine that served us for 10(ten) years had finally resigned last Saturday. Hubby went to the basement to do laundry(yes! my hubby does laundry, he is awesome!!) found out that the machine spinner wouldn't spin. We knew before and that we needed  a new one because this machine  had been giving us a lot of issues. If I remembered correctly, hubby got it from a friend and this machine was 10 years old when my he got it. It was a used one and  had been working so hard, beaten down, washing big loads of clothes. It wasn't energy efficient and didn't do a good job washing clothes anymore.

The spinner does not spin correctly. So we knew we needed a new one eventually but we were just putting off waiting for it to die . Actually, we didn't have money to buy a brand new, hubby wanted to get a brand new front loader washing machine and dryer. We will be needing about two thousand dollars for it. There's no way we can afford it, we have to put aside money for few months or a year in order to afford. I had suggested to him in the past to get a second hand for  now but he wasn't buying my idea. Finally, because of what had happened he decided to checked Kissinger  Appliance store in the nearby town if they have a used one for an affordable price but yet in good quality. 

So so glad he found a nice one for $312.00, a Kenmore Elite brand. It has a king size capacity perfect for my family because we dirty so many clothes. Although it is a top loader but it is way better than our old one. Kissinger delivered it to our house after few hours so I was able to use it tonight. I love our new washing machine.

I like that it has a lot of options that suits my laundry needs. It  has an energy saving option when it comes to the water temperature. I noticed that it alternates hot and cold water by 2(two seconds) I do not know the science behind it and how it could save me energy. I can also choose one or two rinse and different speed for washing.  What you see in the picture were the settings I used when I washed the clothes tonight. 

Another feature is the bleach dispenser, my old washing machine does not have this option or maybe I don't remember seeing one. I seldom use bleach so I might not really  use this one. 

Here is another cool thing I like from this new machine, see that hole on the spinner? That is the softener dispenser. I love it!!! I can just pour my softener in the beginning of the washing and walk away, it will do its job during rinsing Our old washing machine I couldn't walk away because I had to add the liquid softener at the last rinse because there was no place for me to leave the softener. I noticed that it used a lot of water too by rinsing so many times.

Over all hubby and I think that we got a good deal and probably not gonna buy a brand new one until this one dies. I can't say anything bad about this machine, I was very satisfied for its performance and also Kissinger has a good customer service.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My First Awesome #J'Adore VoxBox !!

Last week, I went to the store to buy something and when I came home this was waiting for me at my door step. This was sent to my by influenster but prior to receiving this box, they e-mailed me that I was selected to received a  J'Adore VoxBox. I had no idea what could be inside  and the excitement was so intensed that I kept checking my door step, I kept listening if the mail man's truck was in front of my house and if he has a package for me. Well, it didn't take long because I got this box few days only after they confirmed through email that I was selected. My first ever  J'Adore VoxBox, to my joy I called my kids and told them what I got. They were there and watched me as I opened the box.

Do you want to know what I got? Viola!!! Look at these awesome products

Here are the products I received and what I think about them:

  • Boot Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask - although I haven't tried it but I am already excited. I like anything natural especially when it comes to skin and beauty products. I love applying mask on my face, I can't wait to try this. What I love about the products are the ingredients being natural coming from plants. 
  • Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolate- yummy! out of all the products I got, my kids had their eyes only on this. I opened the bag right away and let them try. We love it and I saved some because I am planning to bake  cookies and add Hershey's chocolates on top.
  • Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray- another product I am excited about is this flat iron spray. I have a very long, thick, wavy hair and there are days I want it to look straight. My flat iron makes my hair straight for few hours only. This might be the answer.
  • Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes- when I first saw this product I chuckled. I have never wore false eye lashes in my entire life due to my eye lashes being naturally long. We will see how I would look when I try it. It says it will look so natural.
  • Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas- I love these teas, I have never tried  teas that tasted so good as these. It has different flavors to choose from, It's like drinking your favorite dessert ha ha. They sent me 4 samples but I only tried 1, I was saving the rest until I see my mom in law. We are going to have this tea together.

Drinking  decaffeinated Lemon Chiffon Tea with my pizza during dinner time

The last but not the least, and how thoughtful of influenster of sending this for my man
  • Vaseline Men Spray Lotion- I love how this smells, it is so manly. Hubby tried it and he likes it. Ofcourse I tried it too, just a little tiny spray lol. I was just curious how it feels and smells. 

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, however all opinions are exclusively mine.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Baking Hershey's Special Dark Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

My favorite cookie recipe is chocolate chip, it's because it was the first cookie recipe I learned to bake. Before' I used to buy cookies from the store because I didn't know how to bake them especially coming from the country(Philippines) where baking is not the norm in the kitchen.  I do not do that anymore since I now know how to bake. Chocolate chip cookies recipe is easy and I can play with the recipe by adding or removing ingredients yet still end up with delicious and soft cookies. Baking cookies has become my bonding moment with my kids, they help me bake and they get to try it first too. Here's what recipe we came up that day, I call it Hershey's Special Dark Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies. I incorporate coconut because I love coconut and I grew up snacking on it, not only it tasted good but there are a lot of health benefits you get from it. 
The recipe for this is usually found at the back of the Hershey's special dark chocolate chip package. I followed all the ingredients and procedure  but added one(1) cup of sweetened coconut into my cookie mixture.
Cookie dough with coconut and dark chocolate chips
Hubby and I love dark chocolate, according to our research  it has more health benefits than the milk chocolate. Baking your own cookies is actually cheaper and fresher than the one in the store. It is fun and you can experiment by adding your favorite ingredient/s that can blend with cookie recipe. 

Ready to be bake in the oven
If you want your cookies soft  and not crunchy, do not over bake them. I usually bake them 10 to 12 minutes only because mine was 2(two)tablespoon each. The Package will tell you to bake them only 8(eight) to 10(ten) minutes. Sometimes the best indication is the appearance, remove the baking tray when your cookies turned light brown in color just like my first picture. 

What is your favorite cookie recipe? Do you bake with your love ones too?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Late Valentine Date With My Hubby

Can't remember when was the last time hubby and I went out for a valentine date or just  simply no occasion kind of date. Whenever we eat outside or watch movie in a movie theater we always have our kids with us. And when it comes to valentines I don't remember doing something special with him, I think we didn't really have a valentine date at all. We have been married for seven years but I spent three years of our marriage in the Philippines while he was here in the United States and when me and kids moved in here my hubby is seldom home due to his kind of job. This is why I think we never really dated for valentines and the last time we dated together without occasion and with out the kids was probably before I got pregnant with my youngest son. That's like more than a year or so.  Kids, work and chores just kept us from not having our hubby and wifey moment.

Although this is how crazy busy our life is, we never fail to say I love you to each other everyday and all the ingredients of a happy marriage there is, we have it. We give God all the glory for the things He has done and is doing in our lives. He is the reason why our marriage has come this far, strong and full of life. Hubby is my best friend, my accountability partner, prayer partner and the man God hath prepared for me to spend my lifetime with.

The awesome news is that finally we had our first valentine date, although it was a day later but better late than never. Thanks to my wonderful friend that offered to watch my kids for free. Yeah, you heard that right, she was kind enough to volunteer to be my kids nanny for four hours. It was actually my idea to go out for a date and to watch a movie after dinner. I thought I wanted to surprise hubby and make him happy. I called the restaurant for reservation because the place is usually full packed  at night due to the location and the yummy food they served 

We went to New Port Shores restaurant, it was in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Aside from delicious food they offer, you can see  Lake Michigan through the windows.

Hubby and I had salad as our appetizer, it came with hot dinner roll. For our main dish, he ordered Kobe T-bone steak with mushroom. His order was an expensive almost $30 because of the meat. If you haven't heard about Kobe I am sure google can tell you why. I ordered seafood platter and it had fried shrimp, scallop, haddock fish and french fries as the side dish. I tried a piece of his Kobe steak and boy it was deliciously juicy and so tasty.                                        

Here are some photos I took inside the resto, they had mini fishing boats decoration on the side wall on top. We had a great time, great customer service, nice place and delectable food made our date perfect. We will definitely come back to this place.

After dinner, we went to the movie theater and watched Frozen. We love the soundtrack and the story was a good one.  It was a great late Valentine date, not because of the good food or the nice move we watched but because we were together. Love love love!!!!

How was your valentine? Did you go out for a date or did you spend time with family? It's all about love and you do not have to do something fancy to express love, in fact you can show love daily.

Friday, February 14, 2014

DIY, My Sons Valentine Gifts For School

I went to Walmart yesterday to checked out what gifts they've got for valentines day. My kids are having a  valentines day celebration at school today and it would be lovely if they have something to give out to their teachers and classmates. I saw some gifts for $0.97  it has pencil, eraser and heart stickers inside. I was also looking for gifts that they can  give to their teachers but the store didn't have much left on their valentine aisles. I think I came late and customers already bought most of it. I don't want to just give them chocolates because I gave them chocolates last Christmas. This time I want something different and more personalized. I will be needing about thirteen(13) for the students and two(2) for the teachers.  When I totaled the amount, I wasn't happy of how much I was going to spend. Although it was convenient to buy ready made gifts but they were not personal.

 I decided to make my own valentines gifts where my kids can write something on it and it was economical. I bought twenty(20) pieces of pencils, a rim of colored papers and 2 packs of small size chocolate Hershey bar that has 12 pieces on each pack.  

Here's my very easy yet sweet valentine craft.
 The gift has pencil, hearts and a Hershey chocolate at the back. It didn't take me long to make them, I was done within 2(two) hours If I wasn't interrupted I could get it done for an hour. Each of my kids wrote Happy Valentines Day with their names on it.

Here's how the back looks like, I taped the pencil to the heart first that way it will be easy to tape the chocolate. 

For the teachers, I found a nice 12(twelve) to 14(fourteen) inches pen at the store for less than a dollar, I bought it and just added some finishing touches. The gift I made was a pen with a butterfly made from two hearts taped together. There's a small size chocolate at the back too.

Here's how I made the butterfly, cut 2(two) small hearts and 2(two) a little bigger hearts. Tape or glue the small heart over the big heart. Then tape them like a butterfly would look like.

Here's how the back looks like.  I didn't have a glue and I made this in a rush. I am sure next time I can probably make it neater and not use the tape.

I think I only spent about $13 for everything. My kids had a great time at school and they also received gifts from their classmates and teachers. How about you? Did you make any Valentine craft as a gift to your love ones or friends?  I hope you all have a nice valentines. 

 Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This Is What I Do With The Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

What's your favorite chocolate syrup? If you ask me, it is the Hershey's chocolate syrup. Actually it is my hubby's favorite and he won't try something else. In the Philippines, back in the country where I grew up, we usually drink powdered milk by adding hot water and sugar into it. Only few people drink fresh milk. My two older boys were born there and they were used to drink powdered milk. When we moved here in the United States, I had a hard time making them drink their milk. They didn't like how the fresh milk tasted like, I don't blame them because I didn't like it either. As parents we knew that drinking milk is important for the  kids growing bones, so to solved the problem, my hubby suggested to add Hershey's chocolate syrup into the fresh milk. The result was an instant chocolate milk drink.  I was so happy, my kids loved it and since then we make chocolate milk just by adding Hershey's syrup to the fresh milk. My kids get their daily dose of calcium from their favorite homemade chocolate milk drink. Now, this syrup became the family's favorite. We love the rich chocolate flavor of Hershey's.

Here's how I make their chocolate milk:

I Pour 1 cup cold fresh milk into their favorite drinking glass and stir 3 tablespoon of Hershey's chocolate syrup. If the kids want a hot chocolate milk, then I microwave it for two minutes on high. Perfect drink during my kids breakfast.

Another way of enjoying Hershey's syrup is to add it to your favorite dessert. Mine is over my favorite yogurt vanilla ice cream. Today, my son and I had a bowl of ice cream, I put three scoops of vanilla ice cream on a bowl, garnish it with  peanut butter wafer and Hershey's syrup. Oh la la, it was so good and a perfect snack. Of course, I do no eat ice cream everyday, maybe just twice a month when I have a craving. You can also add sprinkles to your ice cream, a cherry fruit or  just the syrup. 

How about you? What you do with your Hershey's chocolate syrup? Do you have favorite recipe that calls for Hershey's?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Healthy Snacks For My Trucker Hubby

Truckers are  always on the go especially if they have to be in a certain place at the certain time. They grab food wherever truck stops or fast food chains they can find along their way.  Both local and international truck drivers are allowed to drive eleven hours a day. In fact, the truck has become their second home, well in my hubby's case it is. Him and his younger brother are team drivers, they deliver load  locally and unto the other states. Thus, giving them less or no access to healthy homemade food. 

Their job is mentally strenuous especially dealing with rough narrow roads and four wheelers ha ha but requires less physically  activity. Sitting for long hours has caused them to become overweight. Most truckers has health issues and some of the health issues they are dealing with are diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. As a wife, I care about my hubby's health and the kind of food he is munching with.  Hubby does not make my job easy, he is a picky eater although he calls himself selective and won't usually eat the food I make for him. Oh well, Filipino food is what I usually prepare and mostly has a lot of vegetables on it.

There's only two vegetables that he would eat, and he would eat it raw, those are carrot and celery. Great! so to make sure he will have  a healthy snack, I slice them and place them in zip lock bags a day before he leaves. These will last as a week snack, fresh and no preservatives. 

slice celery and carrot

Whenever hubby is snacking on these, he is not gaining weight, in fact he sheds some weight off. I just hope he won't get tired of eating carrots and celery. A healthy alternative than eating potato chips high in sodium.  The health benefits of carrots are enormous, it is a great anti-aging, helps improve eye vision due to beta-carotene and a lot more. Same with celery, i love how it smells but there's more to it than its scent. Celery is low in calorie and it helps lower blood pressure and of course there are more health benefits a celery can give you. I could not eat celery raw, it has to be stir fried. I usually mix it with my stir-fry noodles. 

I will never stop preparing this snack for my hubby, I have tried adding fruits to his snack like banana, grape and apple but he only likes apple. Whatever works, as long as my trucker hubby snack on healthy stuffs. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Driving Through Port Washington, Wisconsin Part 1

I forgot to blog about this until I saw the photos on my Facebook album. Last two weeks ago the weather was below zero and my van heater wouldn't even blow warm air. I usually turn on my van engine and heater fifteen minutes before I take the kids to school so it will be warm and comfy but even after thirty minutes the air that was coming out from the vent was still freezing cold. We actually replaced the thermostat with a brand new one three weeks ago since we had this issue before but no effect. It was taking longer for the heater to blow warm air so I decided to take the van for a joy ride hoping it will fixed the problem if I let it run longer.  After I picked up my son from school we head towards Port Washington, it's my favorite destination to unwind and it is only fifteen minutes away from home. I had three kids travelling with me that day, I took them to Upper Lake Park at the bluff overlooking the water filtration plant and the beautiful Lake Michigan. 
Bluff at Upper Lake Park, Port Washington overlooking Lake Michigan and the Port Water Filtration Facility

Although it was very cold that day the sky was clear. Can you see the lighthouse? I used to fish on that area with my oldest son. I quit fishing when I got pregnant with my youngest. I think it will not be safe  for a pregnant woman to walk on the breakwater. I know most people fish for fun and food but I mostly fish for food lol. This is why I miss my home town, there's abundance of sea products and mostly are fresh not frozen.

We also drove by the Marina, I actually parked the van at the parking area of Newport Shores Restaurant so  I could snapped few photos. During summer time you will see a lot of private fishing boats and yachts here but this time  I didn't see even just one. I saw  a lot of wild ducks though swimming as if it was there summer time. Brrrrr how can this creature enjoy the freezing cold water? The water was even covered with ice and snow.
 Port Washington Marina

Where the smoke coming from is the Port Washington Generating Station. This used to be a coal-fired station and is now a natural gas-fired, electrical power station. My hubby said this is only a reserved or back-up facility and only being use if there is a shortage of electrical power. We had tried fishing on that area too because that's where fishes usually hang out, trout and salmon love the waving water coming out from the station.
Other side of Marina where you can see the Port Washington Generating Station

You will find me walking here during summer time, either fishing or  just gazing at how much fish some of the folks caught that day, or just enjoying nature. I also walk with my kids and my friends, it is kind a bonding/relaxing time for us. Port Washington it just beautiful and well taken care of. That day when I drove through Port Washington only my 5 year old son and I can verbally appreciate this beautiful view because the other two kids were actually less than a year old babies. They probably loved what they saw but couldn't verbalized it. 

Driving Through Port Washington Part 2

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Birthday To The Very Awesome Man In My Life

I was doing the laundry last night in the basement when my middle son came and started bothering me. He was poking on my computer keyboard and climbing anywhere. I could not concentrate on my work because I kept watching him. So, to send him back upstairs I came up with a spy game. I told him, he was my spy and I have a coded message for dad. He agreed right away because he loves those kind of game. I told him the code will be 14344 and that he has to tell dad about it upstairs. 

So off he went and said " dad I am mom's spy and she has a message for you but it is coded". My hubby was like " huh? okay what is the message"? My son said, " mom said 14344". My hubby had no idea what it was even though I used that code to him before. So he yelled down in the basement and asked " hun what is 14344"? I said, "hun you know what it means, I used to tell you those codes". Anyway, he couldn't remember maybe it has been a long time, so I had to tell him again that 14344 means 1(I) 4(Love) 3(You) 4(Very) 4(Much). Ha ha, we had all a good laugh. 

So to the love of my life, the very awesome man that God blessed me with, I love you very much(14344) and Happy happy birthday. Growing older is God's sign of faithfulness and love, He protected you from harm and added another year into your life. Now, enjoy this happy birthday song that me and your boys love. We love you and we praise and thank the Lord for your life.

       TING TINGS - Happy Birthday - Yo Gabba Gabba


Psalm 139:13-17

For you formed my inward parts, you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.
My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.
How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!!  
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