Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes

Another product that was included in my J'Adore Voxbox is the Kiss Lashes. I have never tried using any artificial eye lashes before but I am interested to try this product. The packaging is neat and very handy, at the back is the instructions on how to put it on.

front and back of the package
This is how I look before or without Kiss Lashes, as an inexperience person in putting on eye lashes it took me more than 5 tries before I was able to put one lashes on. I had hard time placing it on my natural lash line. Not sure if it was the product or if it was my inexperience. 

without kiss lashes

right eye with Kiss Lashes

Finally after many attempt, I was able to put them on in both eyes. The lashes looks nice, a bit long for me so I trimmed it. It proves to show that practice makes it perfect.

It adds beauty to my already good looking tantalizing eyes ha ha. However, since I am not used to wearing one I was not comfortable. Maybe if I wear it once more I will get the hang of it. Also, I wear prescription glasses so the lashes were touching my lenses even after trimming it and that adds to discomfort especially on my vision. 

Maybe it will work better if I wear contact lenses, the problem is I can't wear one. I tried many times to wear contact lenses but it just didn't work out. 

So, what do I think about the Kiss Lashes?

  • It is nice if you are used to wearing one, if not, then you probably find it not so impressive and not easy to put on just like me.
  • Won't work if you are wearing prescription glasses unless if it does not bother you that it touches your glass lenses.
  • I would say this lashes looks natural and you can wear it many times because its a good quality lashes.
  • Not sure if I will buy one, maybe I will If I really need to wear one for a special occasion. Like I said I do not wear artificial lashes. 

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, however all opinions expressed here are exclusively mine. Your opinion might differ from my opinion, regardless, I will only endorsed product/s that I like.


  1. wow, you can tell the difference and having a volume of eye lashes makes you even look prettier.

  2. Awwww ang ganda sis, it makes a big difference. I will say though, you look prettier when in glasses hehehe.

  3. I would like to try that, my lashes are super short.

  4. Yes, the lashes looks really natural. It made your eye better.

  5. The lashes look very realistic and natural. I like that about them. Most people don't want to look made up, only ehanced.

  6. Totally looks natural - I like lashes like these - it brightens and opens up our eyes more kasi.

  7. So pretty! I haven't tried putting on artificial lashes. I thought it hurts. :)

  8. To be honest, I have never tried on a fake eyelashes before, but I have always been interested. I think I might want to check out some Kiss Eyelashes next time at the store. I do like the natural look of it on you. You can really tell the difference. :)

  9. Love it sis, wish I could try one lol.

  10. That's a nice brand of fake eyelashes. I haven't tried putting on fake ones but those lashes really gave a good focus on your eyes.


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