Saturday, March 15, 2014

Updating My Prescription Glasses

I have been wearing glasses for almost five years. I have astigmatism on both eyes and it's affecting my distant vision. Astigmatism or Toric in other term makes objects and texts look blurry from the distance. I can see okay from the computer range but beyond that I will get headache. My glasses also helps me when I am driving, not only I don't get dizzy but I can also see the street signs and the road clearly even on the distance. 

My old prescription glasses was single vision and the lenses were poly-carbonate with Platinum finish no-glare and transition. Poly carbonate lens is a better and durable lens than plastic because it has impact resistance, holds better against scratch and  has UV protection. Platinum finish no-glare or anti-reflective coating removes glare or reflection of light on your lenses. Your vision won't be distracted by glare especially headlights at night can blind you suddenly. It is great for driving at night or doing your shopping where there are too many lights in the store. Transition is an add on to my lens, it changes the color of my lens from transparent to almost dark when the sunlight hits it. 

Where I got my glasses the poly carbonate lens cost $30 per lens x 2= $60, platinum finish no-glare was $25 x 2=$50 and transition was $32.50 x 2=$65. My frame was  a $38 frame. I paid a total of $213. I love it, it didn't feel heavy when I wore it.

my old Rx glasses

Last week I got myself a new prescription glasses. It took me more than 2 years to get a new one. I kept putting it off, just didn't want to spend money even when I had the money to spend. Hubby knew that my old glasses was giving me a headache and he kept pushing me to get  a new one but I was stubborn. Well, one day my middle son sat on it and broke one of the arms. Great!! right? My hubby kind a thanked him because it prompted me to get a new pair of glasses.

My new pair of Rx glasses without the no-glare coating

I love my new glasses but I regret  not getting the Platinum Finish No-glare this time. I was trying not to spend too much, although the no glare was only $50 more I thought that I can get away with not having it. I was totally wrong. Can you see the reflection of the light on my lenses? It was bothering my vision and I can even see the reflection on the lenses. For this glasses I spent $78. It was actually $98 but the store offered $20 discount.  My frame cost $38, my lenses were $ 60 poly carbonate but doesn't have a transition. Not having a transition does not bother me because I can wear my prescription sunglasses when I drive.

Lesson learned for me? It's okay to spend more on something that helps correct my vision. I am planning to get another pair  but this time with no-glare coating and this one I am wearing right now will become my back up glasses. 


  1. Seth is just the most adorable baby ever...he is so cute..and of course i love the 2nd eye glasses you have than the first one.

  2. Glad you have this new one now. I also purchased mine last month...a reading glasses.

  3. Your glasses look adorable and seem reasonably priced.

  4. Glad you had them changed sis. I am very sensitive to glare so I have mine with a shade.

  5. The glass really suit you, I like the colors to the side of them too and what a cutey pie in the photos.

  6. The glasses look good on you! I think I should be getting one myself. I wear contact lenses and it caused a subconjunctival hemorrhage (it is not as bad as it sounds. it is like a vein in the eye bursting because it got hit by the contact lense when my eye got dry- no pain but bloody looking. the white of my eye was covered in red for three weeks. It was scary)

  7. It's always nice to change things up on glasses as it freshens the look.

  8. I like them and think they look really nice on you. However your little one makes it distracting to look at your glasses. He is adorable!!

  9. Yup, I can see the glare. When you update again, maybe you can add it that feature.

  10. I gotta say, that is one really cute baby. Oh no wait! You are talking about your glasses. LOL! But really, one adorable little one. :) I am for spending money on something that you will really use a lot or for everyday because it is worth your money. Sometimes cheap is good, but quality is better. I actually like the second glasses you got and the color.

  11. Sis pwede bang pakurot or sige pakiss na lang sa cheeks ni baby hehehe.


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