Monday, March 10, 2014

When The Weather Got Warmer

Today it was beautiful in the cold tundra of Wisconsin. The snow had slowly melted, the sky was clear and the weather was 50°F. The wind was calm, a perfect day to be out and about with kids. Glad my friend came over and invited me out for a walk. So we took our kids to the YMCA park and another friend of ours with her son joined us. We let the older kids play at the park while the babies stayed on the cart  and stroller. 

my little man with his friend
The ground was  and still covered with snow, it was a foot deep when we tried to walk around. Although the kids were not wearing heavy snow outfits, they didn't seem to feel  cold. They were busy running, climbing and chasing each other. 
my son is laying down comfortable

Me and my friend let our babies try the swing. They liked it, my baby enjoyed swinging back and forth.
my baby on the swing

His older brother joined us and offered to swing him. My baby was sitting quietly and then later started laughing every time his big brother push the swing.
my two adorable boys

Here are the best buddies. My son is the one standing while his friend sat down. The two just rested after an exhausting play time.

Thanks God for great friends. With my  busy schedule being a mom of 3 boys and a full time nanny of a baby as old as my youngest son, I seldom go out for a walk and also the weather does not help. It was good to be able to go out, hanged out with friends and have some fresh air. The babies were exhausted when we came back home, they were tired looking around and being amazed on what they saw. Can't wait for the spring to come and most of all can't wait for the summer time. 

Thanks to my friend Cass for some of the beautiful photos she let me post on my blog.


  1. Yesterday was warm here and then today is freezing wahhh. Lovely outdoor photos of your lovelies sis.

  2. The park is actually fun to play in when it is covered in snow. :) I love being outside even if it's cold just as long as we have the proper attire for the weather. I bet they really did have fun and was tuckered out by the time they came home. That's what it does to my kids.

  3. it seems like they have so much fun at the play ground.... although it may look too snowy and cold at least they enjoy the sunny ray of the sun.

  4. It's getting hotter here unlike in your place, but we got used to it. Lovely day, playing outdoor.

  5. It looks there was a lot of fun in the sun.

  6. Your kids are soo adorable!!! And looks like they are having fun after staying indoors for sometime

  7. I guess for kids, the warmer weather means its playtime.

  8. Our temperature here is getting warm but still far from being acceptable based from my skin's feeling heheheh.


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