Friday, April 18, 2014

My 10 Month Old Baby's Milestone

My baby keeps growing and there's nothing I can do to stop him. I can't even stop the time let alone his growth, I just have to seize all the opportunity I have to enjoy each and every milestone he has. He is now 10 months old restless, happy and always smiling little peanut. My husband loves to call him Smiley. He's so adorably good baby and we always get compliments from people about him. 

At his age, he does these following 

  • crawl and creep anywhere
  • climb stairs(with adult supervision) by himself
  • sit up without support
  • feed himself
  • looking around for toys he dropped
  • he turns his head when we call his name
  • clap his hand and give us high five
  • stand by himself for few seconds
  • move around while holding on the furnitures
  • he gets upset when he is separated from me( Mama's boy?) lol
  • tries to communicate by making sound or noise while looking at us
  • he drinks through sippy cup and he knows how to drink using a straw

I also noticed he does not like eating puree anymore. A few weeks ago I introduced rice and few vegetables(carrot, corn and green beans) and he liked it so much. I think  it changes his taste for food, he craves solid food more than the puree I used to make. He also likes spaghetti, banana, chicken apple sauce and soft bread. I made sure I cut them into small cubes so he won't choke. He also drinks fruit juices and water on his sippy cup and juice boxes with a straw.

baby and daddy time

We are so blessed that he is a very healthy and happy baby. He is such a blessing to people he comes in contact with because he is always ready to give them his sweet smile. All my boys are outgoing and happy anyway so I would say it comes in our blood ha ha. My hubby will say it's from his side of the family and i would disagree and say it's from my side. Anyway, I think happy kids are the result of happy marriage. I thank God for all the things He did and He is still doing in our lives. 


  1. That's a beautiful family you have there! The time just flies by so fast doesn't it?

  2. wow!! already? it's been just like yesterday that i heard of your birth to Seth and now this little guy will never stop growing..

  3. He is so sweet and looks like a good baby too. Your right time goes by so quick. Enjoy him!

  4. This post was sweet. It reminded me of when my own children were this young.

  5. Ahhhh sweet baby! Time flies keep in every moment!

  6. What a chunk of love, love these moments and miss them.

  7. He's so cute and it looks like he loves his daddy too! Those milestones are so precious to us moms!

  8. Wonderful how good-natured your little man is. He's precious!

  9. Aww, such a beautiful baby. Yay for all the new things he can do.

  10. so cute! My baby just started walking! Enjoy it goes by SO fast!

  11. The time goes very fast, its great that you wrote this post..Mine are 9 and 13 and i cannot believe it!

  12. What a big boy he is getting to be! 10 months flies by but my daughter is four and I feel like that flew too.

  13. So sweet and adorable! It is great to see him through time!

  14. What a sweet, cute baby boy. :) You are very blessed.

  15. Love this. I'm reminded of each of our guys, when they were at various stages of this development. Don't wish any of it away!

  16. He's really big and cute already! They grow so fast it's really amazing! My son was just born and now he's 10!

  17. He is really cute. They grow up so fast. Amber N

  18. Aww my niece is about the same age and its so great! I love seeing their personalities develop.


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