Friday, May 30, 2014

My BlackBerry Z30

My hubby got me a new phone so I have access to Instagram. For the past few months I had been using his blackberry phone for my instagram posts. My old phone could not access instagram because it wasn't a smart phone. In fact, I wasn't planning to get a smart phone if wasn't for my blogging. Instagram is one great tool in promoting my blog posts. The app that works like instagram on blackberry is called iGrann. I can post photo at the same time it gets posted to my facebook and twitter. I have access to Skype too but I have to download it first. 

My phone came with a USB port charger. Hubby bought a 32 Gb microSD card for my phone so I'll have more space for pictures and videos. He also got me an otter box, for additional protection just in case I drop my phone on the floor it won't break. It also protects it from scratch. The otter box came with a clip so I can clip my phone on my belt but I don't like carrying my phone that way. Since I am home most of the time, I can use my home internet connection and not burn so much of our data plan. Once I leave my home, my phone then connects to my data.

So far I like it, it looks and feels heavier than my old one. I'm still trying to get a hang of it by exploring how it works. Now I can do my instagram anytime and could help bring more traffic to my blog. I am not so happy with iGrann though, there's no way for me to upload a video. Unless there is an app I can side load to it and make uploading video works.  

What smart phone are you using for your instagram? Does it have a different app you can use that works just like instagram? Can you upload videos or picture collage? I can't, but I am hoping they will come up with an upgrade with these features. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Silver Bells Necklace and Bracelet Set

When it comes to jewelries, I lean towards silver. I love the sparkling neutral color of  it and since silver coordinates with any colors I won't have hard time looking for outfits that will match with my jewelries. Any color of clothes won't clash with silver. I could wear a nice black top shirt and jeans and still look classy. When hubby and I received a letter from our bank informing us of their reward program. We were ecstatic to find out we got about 28,000 points. We have been a member for years and by using our credit/atm cards for paying bills or shopping we earned points. The points can then be redeemed into any items we like as long as we have enough points for it. Hubby and I went into their reward program website and scanned their merchandise catalog. I found this nice set of jewelry for 3,700 points.

photo credit: ScoreCard

At first, I was hesitant  to order this because I rather get something for my family and not for me but we already picked out 3 items. One for each of my  two boys and one for my hubby. Hubby told me to get something for myself and so I choose this silver bells necklace and bracelet set. 

The product came after few days, that was fast! It was in a good condition too. I tried it right away because I wanted to make sure I am not allergic to it. Yes!! I have allergy problem to some metal especially nickle. My skin would break out and develops itchy skin rash. Ugggh!!  I am very careful in wearing fashion jewelries as some of them has nickle and not hypo-allergenic. So glad that this jewelry never gave me an inch of itch. I love it and  I got a lot of compliments.

What do you think? Do I look like I'm ready to party? Find out if your bank has reward program. You might get free items like mine. Thank you ScoreCard Rewards.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bike To School Day

My son loves riding his mountain bike. Rain or shine, he is out by himself and sometimes with his friends. The bike was originally mine but since I got pregnant I rarely use it and so I let him have it. It was given to me by my sister-in-law. 

My son learned how to ride a bike at the age of 6 and believe it or not he self-taught himself using an adult bike which was my mountain bike and that was back in the Philippines. He had his own bike but he said it was too small for him so he would take mine, sometimes without asking permission. He knew I wouldn't let him use it because I didn't want him to get hurt but he took it anyway. He was stubborn and so determined to learn. I was too scared for him to get hurt. Maybe I was overly protective or just being a mommy. Now he is an expert bike rider and knows that taking stuffs without asking permission is wrong. 

Anyway, today they had a Bike-to-School Day, it's an annual activity. The students got to ride their bikes from home to school, Ozaukee Christian School. It only took 10 minutes for my son and his friends to reached the school. 

Photo credit : Ozaukee Christian School

The school wants to promote fitness so they invited students and faculty to geared up and ride their bikes. Each students who rides their bicycles to school were awarded with breakfast from school this morning. Those who were unable to ride their bikes to school they may still take part in the breakfast if at least 30 minutes of their Memorial Day weekend was spent riding a bicycle.

My son had a fabulous day, not only he was able to ride his bike and bike with his friends but also his class went to the National Train Museum up in Green Bay along with the 6th grader for a field trip. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Remembering and giving honor to men and women who served the country. Giving their time and heart and most of all sacrificed their lives in order for us to enjoy what we have now, freedom. Although, I am not an American citizen I still give thanks and honor them. Why? Because United States of America has been a long time friend and allied of the Philippines. I also have American family and friends who served  and are still serving the country which I and my family are now living. 

So to the heroes of this country, the military personnel and all who gave up their lives in military service for this country, living here and outside the state. Happy Memorial Day!! Your heroic services and courageous acts were not forgotten. 

photo credit : Stormie Omartian

FYI: Do you know that Memorial Day marks the start of summer vacation? Yes it does and while Labor day marks its end.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Son's Artworks

I had a very busy Tuesday but I love being busy. I started my day with a short prayer to get my heart and mind right before the Lord. Then took care of my two older boys making sure they were ready for school, to top that off I also have an 11 month old baby who wanted mommy all the time. Oh the joy of  motherhood, it's priceless and it's all worth it.  I'm so blessed with my older son being so independent. He packed his own lunch and made his own breakfast. He gave his younger brother a breakfast too. He is such a big helper and he is only 11 but very responsible. After breakfast, I drove them to school along with my two neighbor kids.

I also worked on my blog today, somehow one of the sites I work with couldn't connect to my google analytic account. The site said, they can't find the  tracking code that was used  on my website. Since I have limited knowledge on IT, I asked help from my friend. We'll see if I did the right thing, have to wait 24 hours. 

After a busy day at home, my middle son who is in K5 came home with bunch of artworks he did at school. Here are 3 of his artworks. He won the art festival and got an excellent ribbon for his snow man art.

Here's another artwork he made. He drew a  face and I believe it's a woman with alphabets surrounding it. I plan on posting all his works on his bedroom walls. I have to find out if I can put some in a frame, it will preserve the art in good condition longer. 

His last drawing has a hand and a heart, also it has my favorite verse on it.

Psalm 51:10
Create in me a pure heart O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Since we had a beautiful weather today, we spent most of our late afternoon outside. We played Frisbee and went out for an hour walk. 

How was your Tuesday? 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Greek Yogurt #TasteOff!! See The Result

I've been given an opportunity to participate in the Greek yogurt taste-off challenge. Yogurt is one of my favorites snack, good for my health especially for the digestive tract, low in calories and they are affordable. Perfect for breastfeeding mom like me who is trying to shed-off some pregnancy fat. Anyway, this  taste-off is between Yoplait Blueberry Greek Yogurt(blended) and Chobani Blueberry greek yogurt(blueberry on the bottom)I haven't tried any of these blueberry yogurt brands before and I have a different brand of greek yogurt that I buy regularly but I like trying different brands and flavors.

Yoplait Greek Blueberry Yogurt Vs. Chobani Greek Blueberry Yogurt

I purchased these products from the store in my town. They were both less than a dollar.

Product Informations:
Yoplait Greek Blueberry yogurt-
150g, 140 calories, non-fat, gluten free, contains live and active cultures. Made with natural colors, flavors and sweeteners

Chobani Greek Blueberry yogurt -
150g, 130 calories, non-fat, only natural ingredients, made with real fruits and milk from cows not treated with rBST. 

My observations:

Yoplait's blueberries are mixed in the yogurt while Chobani's are found on the bottom. Both yogurts look alright, the top were not watery. I just don't understand why Chobani's blueberries has to be on the bottom.

I stirred both cups and found out that Yoplait has more blueberries than the Chobani.  You can see from the color,Yoplait has richer color than Chobani. 

The Taste-Off:

My two sons joined me on my taste-off challenge. I scooped a tablespoon of yogurt from both brands and put it into 6 individual cups. I lined it up, yoplait cups were on the left side and chobani on the right. We then casted our votes. My older son liked the Chobani but my youngest son and I voted for yoplait.

The winner

Yoplait Greek Blueberry yogurt won with 2 votes. Why? Even though it was non-fat it doesn't taste like it. It was creamy, smooth and  sweet. I can taste the fruity flavor of blueberries. Chobani was too thick and there wasn't a lot of blueberries on it. It has weird aftertaste too, I can't describe.

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. I received a $4 dollar gift card from Yoplait to purchased the products. However, all opinions were mine and my family and not influenced in any way. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

It Was Cloudy And Rainy Monday!

What a busy Monday for me. I got my license plate renewed but had to go to the shop for my vehicle to get inspected first before I can get the renewal.  So glad that the shop also offered license plate renewal, I didn't have to go to Department of Motor Vehicles, saved me time and gas.The shop was 15 minutes away from home so I drove there after picking up my middle son from school. Actually, my son didn't come with me, just my baby. He was invited for a play date after school with his friend/classmate at their house. My son has a scheduled play date tomorrow with the same friend, this time he is coming over to our house. On Wednesday another friend/classmate is coming over. Whew! What a busy little man. 

After taking care of my license, I drove to the Upper Lake park in Port Washington with my baby. I was going to take him out for a walk.

mommy and baby time

The day started cloudy but the temperature was about 60, just perfect for a brisk walk. I parked at the bluff, snapped these photos of Lake Michigan. This is my favorite area to unwind with my kids.   I took several photos then the rain started to pour down.
Upper Lake Park, Port Washington, WI

I decided to head home, I knew the rain won't stop and will get heavier by just looking at the clouds. I wasn't mistaken! It was so heavy that it made so much noise when it hits my van windows.  I had to set the windshield wiper to the maximum level so I could see. I have never driven under the heavy pouring rain before. It was quite an exciting experience yet scary. I drove below the speed limit because I knew the roads were slippery and turned on my headlights so the oncoming vehicles can see me.

ordering food at McDo drive-through

On my way home, I dropped by at McDonald to get me some lunch. I don't usually buy food from them but if I do, I usually order their healthiest food. I got myself  a sweet chili Premium Mcwrap with crispy chicken and a yogurt parfait. While waiting for my turn to pay, I turned the radio on. Heard about the thunderstorm and flash flood warning on several areas including ours. Glad the rain stopped around 2-3 pm and there was no flash flood on our area, don't know about other areas though. My baby was sleeping throughout the trip until we got home.
my lunch, bon appetit !!

We made it home safe and sound and had a great lunch. The whole afternoon I did a lot of house cleaning and cooking. Finally, I can sit down and blog. How was your Monday? Was it raining in your area too?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Remembering My Mom On Mother's Day

Hi awesome readers!! How was your weekend? To all my readers who are Moms, did you have a great Mother's day celebration? All the Dads out there, did you do something special for your lovely wife/mother of your kid/s? To my readers who still have a wonderful mom, did you do something to make your mom feel special? Love your mom and make her feel special while you can. I don't have my mom anymore, she passed away last year. I miss making her feel special and I miss talking to her and hearing good and godly advices. 

me and my Mom

Just a little bit about my mom

Her name is Lilia, was a retired teacher. She worked as a teacher for over 35 years in an elementary school. A hard-working mom of 8 girls and 4 boys. A woman of God, served Christ in tribal communities preaching the gospel and transforming lives, all for the glory of God. Was a wonderful, loving, gentle, faithful wife to my dad who was a Pastor. 

She set a good example to us her children and to the people around her. She was a Proverbs 31 wife, someone I adore when it comes to marriage and being a wife. I know that she is happier where she is now in the presence of our Almighty God. There are many things I remembered about my mom and they are engraved in my heart. God is so good for blessing us with a great mom and a dad, both were wonderful and loving parents. There are many things I could share about my mom but it will bore you ha ha it will be a long letter.

Anyway, the picture above was the last picture me and my mom were together. Taken during my younger sister's graduation day in the Philippines and before I moved here in the USA. My mom was a camera shy and didn't like her picture being taken. Well, at least she smiled even though she wasn't looking. I was told that  I look like my mom or my mom looked like me lol. I think I look more like my mom than my dad. I would say that I am a combination of my mom's look and my dad's personality. 

Here are the love of my life, whom God has given me. The reason why I am called 3 wonderful and restless boys, whom I dearly love.

my 3 boys and my dear hubby

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Anemia And Lead Screening

Hi awesome readers!! This was during my son's 10-month checkup, after his physical exam with his Pediatrician, we were taken to another room for his blood work. The blood will be screen for anemia and lead poisoning. At first I felt bad for my little man because I knew he had to endure three to five minutes of finger pricking, squeezing blood one at a time. But he only cried at the beginning and was doing great the entire time the nurse was working on him. Can't remember which finger she worked on but I think it's the middle one. They didn't draw blood using a needle  because  my baby's nerves are still tiny and hard to locate. 

my brave son just observing

We were told that the result will be sent to us in about a week which I did and so glad that everything came normal. I don't remember if my two older sons went through this kind of screening in the Philippines. 

Glad that my hubby was there cheering him up and giving him some TLC(tender loving care). He  gave him some water and just have a daddy and son talk to pacify him.

Did your baby go through this kind of screening? If yes, at what age? Did they prick his/her finger or draw blood?


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Donating My Hair To Locks Of Love

Hello awesome readers!! How's your weekend? Mine was great. Yesterday I spent time with hubby and kids at the park, then we all went grocery shopping and this morning we went to church. Remember my last post about my new hair cut? Hubby was thrilled to see my new look. I actually told  him last Friday that I have a surprise waiting for him when he comes home. He didn't know I was gonna cut my hair, he loves my long black hair but he knew I was having a lot of discomforts. He actually was encouraging me to go to the Salon but I just kept procrastinating. But when I finally did have my haircut and saw my new look, he was happy for me and happy to see me I that I was happy(Lol). 

I also mentioned on my last post  that I was gonna donate my hair to Locks of Love. I went to the Post Office Saturday morning and sent out my 10" hair long. Locks of Love will then make a prosthetic hairs for financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada suffering from long-term medical hair loss under the age of 21.

my 10" braided hair
I filled out the form from their website and put my hair in a padded envelop. I was told by the Post office clerk that my package will get there by Tuesday.
my hair in a padded envelop

This was my first time donating my hair to Locks of Love and I'm glad that I was able to help out and make someone happy. I'm gonna let my hair grow back and donate again in maybe three to four years. If you want to donate your hair and want more information, visit

Friday, May 2, 2014

I Finally Did It!!

I have been wanting to have my hair cut done but couldn't find time to go to the Salon. It's just hard for a busy mom like me with three kids to schedule an appointment. I love being a WAHM but sometimes I would like to be able to leave home and have some me time alone. Oh well, it is just impossible especially hubby is seldom home. 

I have a very thick hair with coarse texture, and when it's wet after taking a shower, it feels heavy and it gives me a headache. It gets in the way too when I work around the house so I usually make a pony tail or braid it. I am blessed with a beautiful hair but don't have enough time to take care of it. It takes a lot longer to dry it without the help of the hair blower and takes 30 minutes to an hour to iron it with flat iron. 

my hair before the hair cut
Finally, yesterday I was able to book an appointment and today had my haircut done. I was very glad and excited because this haircut was not only for own benefit but also I am donating my hair to Locks Of Love a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada for those who are suffering from long-term hair lose due to any diagnosis. 
letting it go, my hairstylist braiding my hair before cutting 10"  off for the Locks of love
The last time I had my hair cut short(shoulder length) was three years ago. I really love having a long hair so it took me a couple of months to decide.

trimming the back portion of my hair
shoulder length
my new hair do

Locks of love required 10" minimum hair length for donation. They accept any length but whatever below 10" will be sold to offset the manufacturing cost.

my 10" braided hair ready to be ship out

Well, ladies and gentlemen!! Introducing, the new me. What do you think of my new haircut? My hubby and kids love it and I love it too.

the new me!!!!!

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