Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Anemia And Lead Screening

Hi awesome readers!! This was during my son's 10-month checkup, after his physical exam with his Pediatrician, we were taken to another room for his blood work. The blood will be screen for anemia and lead poisoning. At first I felt bad for my little man because I knew he had to endure three to five minutes of finger pricking, squeezing blood one at a time. But he only cried at the beginning and was doing great the entire time the nurse was working on him. Can't remember which finger she worked on but I think it's the middle one. They didn't draw blood using a needle  because  my baby's nerves are still tiny and hard to locate. 

my brave son just observing

We were told that the result will be sent to us in about a week which I did and so glad that everything came normal. I don't remember if my two older sons went through this kind of screening in the Philippines. 

Glad that my hubby was there cheering him up and giving him some TLC(tender loving care). He  gave him some water and just have a daddy and son talk to pacify him.

Did your baby go through this kind of screening? If yes, at what age? Did they prick his/her finger or draw blood?



  1. Bless him, poor thing, hope he's feeling happier now. It's always hard to watch little ones confused and upset.

  2. Oh poor little guy. When my kids were little, I hate my trip for vaccinations lol.

  3. That's a tough process and you have a brave baby.

  4. Good for your child to have this clinical test.

  5. I am so glad I passed that stage with my kids... It makes me nauseous just to think of their cries back then hehehe

  6. I don't remember having this screening for my kids sis.

  7. It is important to do these health screenings. I am glad your son is well.

  8. My little one is 1 year old and I believe he got his first prick at 10 months. He had a great experience because the nurse was so warm and friendly. I distracted my little boy with a toddler app on my cell phone. He didn't notice a thing until he felt a quick prick and then was interested in the cartoon band aid. Glad your son didn't have a scary experience either!

  9. Yes, I recall taking my daughter to her pedia while she was barely 1 for blood screening. I didn't know and understand why it was required. But I am glad we went through it.

    Your little man is so brave and cute. I feel bad when out little kids have to go through physical screening such as the one your son went thru. I feel sad when they get hurt.


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