Monday, May 12, 2014

It Was Cloudy And Rainy Monday!

What a busy Monday for me. I got my license plate renewed but had to go to the shop for my vehicle to get inspected first before I can get the renewal.  So glad that the shop also offered license plate renewal, I didn't have to go to Department of Motor Vehicles, saved me time and gas.The shop was 15 minutes away from home so I drove there after picking up my middle son from school. Actually, my son didn't come with me, just my baby. He was invited for a play date after school with his friend/classmate at their house. My son has a scheduled play date tomorrow with the same friend, this time he is coming over to our house. On Wednesday another friend/classmate is coming over. Whew! What a busy little man. 

After taking care of my license, I drove to the Upper Lake park in Port Washington with my baby. I was going to take him out for a walk.

mommy and baby time

The day started cloudy but the temperature was about 60, just perfect for a brisk walk. I parked at the bluff, snapped these photos of Lake Michigan. This is my favorite area to unwind with my kids.   I took several photos then the rain started to pour down.
Upper Lake Park, Port Washington, WI

I decided to head home, I knew the rain won't stop and will get heavier by just looking at the clouds. I wasn't mistaken! It was so heavy that it made so much noise when it hits my van windows.  I had to set the windshield wiper to the maximum level so I could see. I have never driven under the heavy pouring rain before. It was quite an exciting experience yet scary. I drove below the speed limit because I knew the roads were slippery and turned on my headlights so the oncoming vehicles can see me.

ordering food at McDo drive-through

On my way home, I dropped by at McDonald to get me some lunch. I don't usually buy food from them but if I do, I usually order their healthiest food. I got myself  a sweet chili Premium Mcwrap with crispy chicken and a yogurt parfait. While waiting for my turn to pay, I turned the radio on. Heard about the thunderstorm and flash flood warning on several areas including ours. Glad the rain stopped around 2-3 pm and there was no flash flood on our area, don't know about other areas though. My baby was sleeping throughout the trip until we got home.
my lunch, bon appetit !!

We made it home safe and sound and had a great lunch. The whole afternoon I did a lot of house cleaning and cooking. Finally, I can sit down and blog. How was your Monday? Was it raining in your area too?


  1. I used to buy those McWrap sis nung di pa ako nagdadiet hehehe. Love the second shot!

  2. Glad to hear you made it home safe, I do enjoy McDonalds when you have kids its a good excuse for a Big Mac !!

  3. That was really such an experienced to be driving under that heavy rain. I ordered McDonald's salad and French fries every time we go there.

  4. What a beautiful baby boy! And I love thunderstorms, but only when I'm at thome!

  5. It's so scary when it's raining so hard, that even the fastest windshield wiper setting doesn't do the trick. Almost as bad a snow!

  6. The cloud picture looks like the one in the 10 commandments when moses announced the 10 commandments. hehehe you lil man has quite a busy playdate sched nakisabay ky mami na busy rin

  7. The weather was horrendous here a couple of days ago. Of course that fell on a day I had to fly so it screwed everything up!

  8. What a hard rainfall! It's like that here also, when it rains it really rains, and we get a lot of flash floods.

  9. Eeek! That looks crazy scary. I hate driving in weather like that!

  10. Oh I gotta try those Mcdonalds wraps! Sometimes a rainy day is nice! :)


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