Sunday, May 11, 2014

Remembering My Mom On Mother's Day

Hi awesome readers!! How was your weekend? To all my readers who are Moms, did you have a great Mother's day celebration? All the Dads out there, did you do something special for your lovely wife/mother of your kid/s? To my readers who still have a wonderful mom, did you do something to make your mom feel special? Love your mom and make her feel special while you can. I don't have my mom anymore, she passed away last year. I miss making her feel special and I miss talking to her and hearing good and godly advices. 

me and my Mom

Just a little bit about my mom

Her name is Lilia, was a retired teacher. She worked as a teacher for over 35 years in an elementary school. A hard-working mom of 8 girls and 4 boys. A woman of God, served Christ in tribal communities preaching the gospel and transforming lives, all for the glory of God. Was a wonderful, loving, gentle, faithful wife to my dad who was a Pastor. 

She set a good example to us her children and to the people around her. She was a Proverbs 31 wife, someone I adore when it comes to marriage and being a wife. I know that she is happier where she is now in the presence of our Almighty God. There are many things I remembered about my mom and they are engraved in my heart. God is so good for blessing us with a great mom and a dad, both were wonderful and loving parents. There are many things I could share about my mom but it will bore you ha ha it will be a long letter.

Anyway, the picture above was the last picture me and my mom were together. Taken during my younger sister's graduation day in the Philippines and before I moved here in the USA. My mom was a camera shy and didn't like her picture being taken. Well, at least she smiled even though she wasn't looking. I was told that  I look like my mom or my mom looked like me lol. I think I look more like my mom than my dad. I would say that I am a combination of my mom's look and my dad's personality. 

Here are the love of my life, whom God has given me. The reason why I am called 3 wonderful and restless boys, whom I dearly love.

my 3 boys and my dear hubby


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom sis.

    1. Di pala ako nakalogout sa account ni Ms. Burrito when I commented hehehe. Must be hard having three makukulit na biys sis hehehe.

  2. It's a nice tribute to your mom and you being a good one speaks volumes on how she raised you.

  3. Loving your mom is the beautiful thing in your life.

  4. Magkamukha kayo ni Mama mo no sis? Reading your post makes me want to call my Mom everyday.

  5. A lovely tribute to your special Mum, I miss my mum too it would have been her birthday today x

  6. You really looked liked your mom! :) I'm sure that she is happy wherever she is right now and proud of how you become.

  7. Namiss ko tuloy si Mama looking at your photo sis!

  8. It's so nice of you to offer a tribute to your mom. They are very important in our development and well-being and I salute all the moms out there for the sacrifices they make.


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