Thursday, July 31, 2014

Check Your Credit Score With CreditSesame For Free

I remembered my dear hubby paid $40 dollars to a credit reporting agency  just to check his credit score. I wasn't thrilled about it, why would someone have to pay that much  to get their credit score? Although you can access the site for a year but it's no brainer since my hubby only check his credit score probably once or twice a month.

Glad to know that there is a website that offers free credit score report.  Yes! It is free and you don't even have to  enter your credit card information. offers free credit score report and more. When I told my hubby about this website, he said we will definitely use creditsesame from now on. 

CreditSesame offers:

- FREE monthly credit score
 - FREE 1-Bureau credit monitoring and alerts
 - FREE analysis of all your credit and loans
 - FREE $50K identity theft insurance and ID restoration help

You will be required to enter your SSS number for your identification and in order for them to pull the report. Sign up now by clicking the photo above.

Update : I signed up to see if this website is really free and is giving the services they are offering. I am very glad, that they are true to their words, I didn't have to pay anything. I am also very thrilled  to know that my credit score is excellent.


  1. Thank you for sharing-- I will check into this!

  2. Well, it's new to me about this credit scoring but I read it before. Here in the Philippines, more organizations are dealing with this credit status of an individual.

  3. We just had our credit score checked and mine is higher than my husband's lol.

  4. It's nice that there are websites that offers credit score check for free.

  5. Somebody sent like this credit score and I don' answer it because it's not applicable for me.


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