Monday, July 14, 2014

Remembering My Talented Little Sister

I remember my younger sister every time I see a live band music. She used to sing in a band usually as a  lead vocalist. She was trying to earn extra money while she's in school so she could buy  her personal needs without asking money from our parents. She was a student by day and a singer by night. I adored her for doing that, I wish I could sing like her. They traveled places to places, where ever they got invited to perform. They performed on stage or without  a stage. People loved her voice and how her band mates played the music. After a few months, she had to quit the band as she wasn't getting enough sleep but I think, if they were still performing together they will love this portable stage from musician's friend for sure. The stage performance will be a blast. Well, It's been many years since she quit the band but she still can sing. There were times I would ask her to sing for me and my kids. It brings back great memories of our childhood. I just love her to pieces. 

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  1. If your sister can sing, I am sure you can sing too sis..


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