Friday, August 29, 2014

#Ozeri WeightMaster 400 lbs Digital Bath Scale Review

If you are into fitness and want to measure and track your weight and BMI(body mass index) or if you are trying to lose or gain weight and wants to see your progress. This scale is for you! A non complicated digital bath scales that allows you to set-up up to 5 unique user profiles. It has auto detection, it recognized you when you step on the scale the next time.

  • It comes in two different colors(white and black) made out of impact-resistant tempered glass and can weigh up to 400 lbs. 
  • It has BMI with weight differential detection, instantly shows your BMI, current weight and your weight change since your last weigh in. It calculates your net weight  change from the average 3-7 weigh ins.
  • Displays all calculations on the scale LCD screen without worry of any complicated synching or data connections failure that are more common to Bluetooth or wireless alternatives
  • Smart LCD color alert technology. Illuminates green color during weight loss and red when you gained weight. 

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What I think of Ozeri WeightMaster 400 lbs Digital Bath Scale?
The Ozeri WeightMaster 400 lbs Digital Bath scale is the best scale I have ever had. Sturdy and It can weigh a person up to 400lbs so no worries of breaking it if you are overweight.  I received black color scale that looks very classy with sleek design for review. It is thin and light so moving it from place to another is easy. Since it was made from impact-resistant tempered glass, cleaning it was so easy. I can even use the eyeglass wipe cleaner that I have. I love that it is equipped with non-slip scratch-resistant feet that won't damage the floor. I can also changed the measuring unit from pounds to kilo and vice by pressing the button at the back.   It has auto-recognition technology so the next time you use the scale, it auto recognized you by displaying your BMI, height and user profile number.  I was able to set-up 3 user profiles, one for my hubby, for me and my oldest son. At first, I had hard time setting it up but it came with a manual for instructions. In setting up profile, simply press set, it will display the user profile number, press the arrow right or left to choose the user number you want then press set. Then you have to put your height but wait for the height number to blink before pressing the arrows left or right to choose the right height measurement then press set. It will then display lbs or kilo depending on the unit of measurement you choose. You are now ready to weigh yourself by stepping on the scale and not moving for few seconds until the BMI numbers displayed.  That is all for the weighing process and instructions and the next time you step on it, it will recognize you by showing your profile number, height, BMI and current weight. I recommend this scale, it's worth the money and it has a year warranty from the date of purchase.

checking my weight 

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Thin and light  with non-slip scratch-resistant feet

If you want to know more details of this user friendly digital scale or you want to place your order, visit

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Surfing Online Comfortably With Portable Lap Desk

When hubby and I went grocery shopping at Aldi's last weekend, we found this Portable Lap Desk for $7.99. I know it's going to help me have a better grip of my laptop. I can't count how many times I dropped my laptop on the floor. Thank goodness, it didn't break and is still working well. So we purchased this lap desk and never regret having it.

blogging comfortable
The lap desk has a smooth flat surface, easy to carry anywhere, it's light and  has a handle to hold on to. My laptop never slid and I have extra space on the sides for the mouse. 

It has a cushion underneath that is being attached by a Velcro, making surfing online comfortable. I don't feel the heat that comes from the laptop fan anymore and I have a stable  view of my computer screen since my laptop sits  on a flat even surface.

cushion underneath makes it nice and soft on your lap

I  so  love this product, makes me a happy mommy blogger. How about you? Do you have a lap desk too?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nature"s Best Vitamin C Serum Review

As you noticed lately I have been blogging a lot about natural products. It's because I prefer anything natural or organic whether skin care products or food supplements. I believe in the natural healing power of plants and herbs, and that they are safe to use unlike the chemically based products that can cause harm. I was given another opportunity to review a Vitamin C Serum from Nature's Best. I read a lot of great reviews on Amazon about Natures Best Vit C serum and now it's my turn to give my review. Just want to add that what works on me might not work on you and vice versa depending on your skin type and need.

Nature's Best Vitamin C Serum
it came with  a dropper for easy use
is a Vitamin C serum for face, eyes and acne. Contains Organic 20% Vit C and E, hyaluronic Acid. The product promised to reverse the effects of aging, helps sun damaged skin, stimulate collagen production, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and remove toxins. Works on any skin types.

What I think of Nature's Best Vit C Serum?
This is the first Vit C serum I have tried and I tried it for three weeks now. The first thing I notice few minutes after application is that it firms my skin, it tightens my pores as well. I used it twice a day morning and night after cleaning my face. I gradually see results the longer I use the product, not a lot of changes but my skin feels smooth and soft. Since this product is natural then using it for long term has no side effects only good results. It has a bit of not pleasant smell( not sure if all serum smells like this) but it's tolerable especially I put moisturizer on my face that has good scent after the serum. I also broke out but it went away after few days(note: I had my period when I started using this product so it might be the reason why I broke out). I think the serum prevented my pimples from getting infected or bigger. I would recommend that you use moisturizer after applying this, it will keep your skin soft and hydrated the whole day. The serum absorb unto my skin after few minutes and the smell is also gone. I have not gotten any pimples after the first break out. I love that this is natural and organic plus it was made in USA. They have an awesome customer service and the product came promptly. Another serum that works for me and I love it. I think the price is reasonably affordable. I would recommend it for you to try and see how this serum works for you. 

 read the back label for more info

If you want to know more about this product, read lots of great reviews and place your order, be sure to visit 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Celebrating Our 8th Year Of Being Married

I can't believe I have been married to the most awesome man in the whole world for eight years now and we are still rockin!!  It feels like yesterday when we said our sweet I do's. If you haven't read my previous post on how we met, here it is Looking Back When We First Met. We are lovers from different sides of the world but joined as one by the Almighty God.  

Made perfect for each other

We got married in my beloved country Philippines. It was the most wonderful feeling I had next to giving birth. Wearing my beautiful wedding dress and walking down the isles while everyone's eyes were on me, and while the love of my life was waiting near the altar,  It felt like I was a princess. 

Us with my uncle giving my hand over 
Eight crazy, fun, strong and full of love years won't be possible without the love and guidance that comes from God.  Yes!! All credit to the Lord Jesus for all the great things He has done and is doing in our lives that leads to  a godly marriage. 

My beautiful wedding dress 

My husband kept saying that he is the most lucky man in the whole world for having me in his life. I told him I don't believe in luck but I would agree 100% to what he said, ha ha. Well the truth is, I am blessed beyond measure to be his lawful wife, not only he's a terrific husband but also he is a very loving dad to our kids. 

They say I am the only rose between the thorns but I say I am the only rose in a beautiful garden. My boys are the most wonderful gift I received from the Lord.

Now, that 8 years has gone by.... looking back, it made us smile. Lots of wonderful moments shared together, through pains, sorrows and laughters we never gave up but instead we love each other more.... what a beautiful life we have. Nothing we could ask for more.

Joshua 24:15

    "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"

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