Monday, August 11, 2014

Surfing Online Comfortably With Portable Lap Desk

When hubby and I went grocery shopping at Aldi's last weekend, we found this Portable Lap Desk for $7.99. I know it's going to help me have a better grip of my laptop. I can't count how many times I dropped my laptop on the floor. Thank goodness, it didn't break and is still working well. So we purchased this lap desk and never regret having it.

blogging comfortable
The lap desk has a smooth flat surface, easy to carry anywhere, it's light and  has a handle to hold on to. My laptop never slid and I have extra space on the sides for the mouse. 

It has a cushion underneath that is being attached by a Velcro, making surfing online comfortable. I don't feel the heat that comes from the laptop fan anymore and I have a stable  view of my computer screen since my laptop sits  on a flat even surface.

cushion underneath makes it nice and soft on your lap

I  so  love this product, makes me a happy mommy blogger. How about you? Do you have a lap desk too?


  1. I like this! I use a pillow. This would definitely be better:)

  2. I like the color and it's so affordable! Hubby doesn't like Aldi's, he is big on brands so the store doesn't entice him to go there.

  3. Am using laptop too, and very handy when blogging. Hope you can too, daily blogging.

  4. I have a laptop holder here but seldom use it since I preferred using my desktop to surf the web.

  5. That is so nice. We could surely use two of these for me and my husband. We don't have a proper office or desk in this new place of ours so we always sit on the couch and have the laptop on our lap. Thanks for sharing! I like the style of it.

  6. I probably need one for myself too. I do not like it when my lappy gets hot.


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