Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Personalized Backpacks For Kids

What better way to prepare my toddler for a new milestone of his life? My youngest son  who is currently two will be attending 3K  next year. As a mom, I am very excited for him. He loves learning and making friends. But I want to make 3K fun and exciting for him. I am thinking of getting him a cool lunch box that has his favorite cartoon characters on it.  Another, awesome idea is getting him a colorful personalized backpacks which has a train, airplane or animal picture on it. He will surely love it and carry it on his shoulder proudly.

How about you? Do you have a toddler that is going to school next year? What sorts of preparation are you making to make schooling fun and exciting for him?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crafty Gizmos Music Stand Light Review

A few months ago, our older son  had shown interest in playing piano. What started all of this was the piano app he downloaded on my kindle. He was playing every single day and it motivated him to really want to learn how to play on an actual piano. But that is a different story which I will share with you all next time. Today, I will be sharing about this cool Music Stand Light from Crafty Gizmos. 

Our church friend gave us a grand piano which we placed in our living room. Our son usually practice after school but since we have a dimmer light set up, he was having hard time reading his music book. So, we decided to get him a music stand light.  

 photo IMG_20150921_180129_zpszs7sfs0f.jpg
came with power cord

 photo IMG_20150921_180220_zpsc30whu7a.jpg
switches at the back

What I think of Crafty Gizmos Music Stand Light?

This music stand light is very useful especially for my son when he practice piano at night. It helps him see the music book and won't missed any notes. Very easy to assemble, he was able to put it together by himself.

What I like about this stand light is that it came with a cable power cord so you can plug it on a wall. But It also allows you to use a AAA batteries enables you to take it anywhere. It has 4 led light bulbs which can be turn on and off one by one. The switch is just behind the light bulbs. It can go from bright(1-2 light bulbs) to brighter(3-4 light bulbs) and vice versa by just pressing the switch twice. My son was able to use it as table light next to his bed so he can read books. It's flexible too and we can adjust the light by bending the neck to the direction we want it. It can be clip too and we clipped it to our piano. I think this stand light can serve multiple purpose and not just as a music stand light. Great quality stand light, small bulbs but brighter than our old stand light.

Overall, we like the product and we highly recommend it.

 photo IMG_20150915_210559_zpsqbuywnug.jpg
 photo IMG_20150916_203239_zpsrmftrkju.jpg

Disclosure: I received the product on a discounted price in exchange of my honest and unbiased review. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Must Have If You Are A Musician

Musicians need comfortable stool so they can perform better. I think having this 24 inch stool will be a great addition to the studio, gig or music room at home. Even though we don't have a studio, my kids will surely thank me if I get them this one. It looks like a cool stool they can use when they are working  on their homework. I think playing guitar will be fun and easy too while sitting comfortably on this stool.  I can use this stool anywhere, maybe in my home office when I'm working on my blogs. I surely need something like this.

ISO Labor Day Sales Online

Labor day is coming up, a day of celebration of American labor movement, appreciating their contributions to the country. It's a holiday, there will be no school for my kids and I will be home that day also. Aside from the celebration, I am sure there will be tons of sales and deals I could find that different businesses offer. Since my older son has showed interest on playing piano I think It's a best time to take advantage of the sales. I have to get him a piano that I can afford but the quality is excellent. I am sure I can find sales online too but It will be a challenge to find the best site. Oh, well I will keep an eye and surf the web until I find it.
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